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Latex Mondified Concrete Placement Inspection - Inspector's Checklist

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  • Determination of areas needing removal of unsound concrete. (Sound with Hammer and Chain, mark with paint, verify all unsound Concrete is removed)
  • Verification of proper surface preparation. (1/4" on initial scarification, all exposed surfaces including reinforcing bars shall be sandblasted and kept clean until placement of Latex overlay)
  • Testing of approved raw materials. (Latex Admixture, Cement, water and Aggregates must meet the requirements of the contract)
  • A check of proper ingredient proportioning and mixer operation. (Verify calibration of trucks in compliance with attached guidelines)
  • Testing of mixed material. (If trial batch is mixed and during placement of overlay)
  • A check of proper installation of forms. (Forms for full depth areas can be suspended from reinforcing if less than 0.5 m2, if larger they must be supported by superstructure or shored from below -refer to contract specifications)
  • Conformance to line and grade. (Verify the gradeline has been approved and bulkheads are set to match finished grade; Steel extrusions for deck joints should set -2mm to -5mm from finished grade)
  • Support Rails for finishing machine must be set to grade in compliance with specifications and anchorage must be approved by Project Manager
  • Proper spacing of and adequate cover on reinforcement. (Verify bars have 20mm clearance around and minimum splice length is provided =0.30m)
  • Monitor weather conditions prior to/and during placement. (Critical to quality finished product, problems with finishing and surface sealing may be encountered when rate of evaporation exceeds 0.49 kg/m2/h or 0.10 lbs/ft2/h)
  • Verify placement of Mortar for Bonding. (All surfaces must receive a thorough coating of mortar, dispose of coarse aggregates and don't allow fluids to settle low spots)
  • Adequate consolidation during placement. (Hand vibrators should be used for areas deeper than 75mm and along edges/ bulkheads)
  • Proper finishing techniques. (Minimize hand finishing, use wood floats and Fresno only)
  • Suitable surface texturing. (Burlap drag, light brooming and machine grooving as per specifications)
  • Proper curing techniques. (Double layer of clean wet burlap, placed as soon as possible, 15-20 minutes,maintain wet cure for 48 hours)
  • Record keeping. (Daily reports, Calibrations, Concrete reports etc.)
Updated: 12/08/2017
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