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General Overview
Pavement Management Program Questionnaire

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  1. Where in the State Highway Agency (SHA) is the Pavement Management System (PMS) Unit located?
  2. What is the primary role of the PMS in the State highway program?
  3. How many full time SHA employees are assign to the PMS Unit?
  4. Which SHA Offices provided information or support to the PMS Unit?
  5. How is the PMS use by the SHA individual Offices (Central Office and Field Offices)?
  6. Who are the PMS main costumers outside the SHA?
  7. How is the PMS used to evaluate either the accuracy, quality, or the cost effectiveness of?
    1. pavement designs
    2. rehabilitation treatments
    3. construction specifications and procedures
    4. materials
    5. preventive maintenance
    6. reactive maintenance
    7. cost-effectiveness of pavement preservation treatments and strategies.
  8. Explain the process use to select pavement preservation treatments at the project level and develop preservation strategies at the network level.
  9. List the products presently produced by the PMS Unit.
  10. Are their any new PMS features under development or under contract?
  11. Do you have a feedback or update process in your PMS? If yes, please explain the feedback process.


  1. What type of pavement maintenance strategies are evaluated by your PMS? i.e., preventive, reactive corrective
  2. List the maintenance treatments use by your State.
  3. How are the maintenance treatments evaluated by the performance analysis(surface treatments, slurry seals, spall repairs, etc.)?
  4. What variables are used to perform the analysis?
  5. Which are the typical results do you obtain with the pavement maintenance performance analysis?
  6. Is the identification and selection of maintenance treatments done in conjunction with the PMS analysis? Is it done using the PMS software? If not, please explain how it is done.
  7. How your agency conducts an evaluation of the performance of maintenance treatments?
  8. List the pavement preservation strategies and treatments used by your State Maintenance Office.
  9. List the pavement preservation strategies and treatments included in the PMS.
  10. Describe the method used to evaluate the performance of pavement preservation strategies and treatments.
  11. Describe the method, if any, used to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of pavement preservation strategies and treatments.


  1. What type of pavements are evaluated by the PMS?
    • HMA
    • PCC
    • Surface Treatments
    • Others(Please list)
  2. What type of materials are evaluated by your PMS(AC, Aggregates, Soils, PCC, etc.)? How are the materials evaluated by the PMS?
  3. Is the PMS able to document the different layers in the pavement structure on any given section of highway network?
  4. What typical results do you obtain with the materials performance analysis?


  1. What type of pavement construction practices are evaluated using the PMS? How is this done?
    • aggregates and binders
    • rideability
    • mix requirements, (ac content, air voids, density, compression strength)
    • density (sub-grade, base, HMA)
  2. What type of construction data is maintained in the PMS database?
  3. How does the SHA use the construction data in the PMS?
  4. How are analysis results used to improve the quality of construction?
Updated: 06/27/2017
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