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1999 Inspection Guidelines
Project Staffing

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Project No.: 
Inspection Made By: 
In Company With: 
Date of Inspection: 
% Work Completed: 
% Time Elapsed: 

References: Current Construction Directives and 1980 Construction Manual

Scope of Inspection:

This outline is intended to aid in the performance of a statewide review of project staffing. The Area Engineer is provided the flexibility of using the guideline in its entirety or portions depending on job conditions and time limitations. This guide may be supplemented as deemed necessary by the Area Engineer for items distinct to the individual project.

  1. District Staffing
    1. Based upon previous inspections and any current information, are adequate personnel available on a District-wide basis?
      Make reference to inadequacies from previous project reports.
    2. Are final records being reviewed in an expeditious manner by both the Project and District?

      Are project personnel completing their review of all items 60 days after acceptance of the project? (HL-19) Reference is made to pages 93-96 of the Construction Manual.

      Are District personnel completing their review within 75 days after final acceptance (HL-19)?

    3. How many employees have been hired by the District during the past year?
    4. How many employees have quit in the past year?
    5. Discuss any staffing problems, reasons therefore and possible solutions.
  2. Project Staffing
    1. List total personnel assigned to construction project.
    2. Total number of personnel assigned to this project as of the date of this inspection is ______.

      How many are actually present? ______

      Reasons for those not present:

    3. List the following information for each major phase of work underway.
      Phase** # of .......... Personnel Assigned* Recommended # of .......... Personnel
      Project Supervision  
      Project Records  
      Material Records  
      Clearing and Grubbing  

      *See DOH Construction Manual pp. 7-12
      **Indicate personnel assigned from the District Office.

    4. Is the present project staffing considered to be adequate?
      Are records up-to-date (HL-440, structure books, diary, etc.) This is an indication of adequate or inadequate personnel.


    5. Will the need for inspectors increase in the near future? If so, what plans does the District have for increasing the staffing project?
    6. Does the Project Engineer/Supervisor believe that the inspection force is adequate in quality and quantity?
  3. Individual Personnel Data/Field Interview

    (Part C is for each individual evaluated. A representative sampling of project personnel is to be selected for interviews.).

    1. Name:
    2. Classification:
    3. Length of service with DOH:
    4. List DOH schools attended:
    5. Various job assignments and length of time assigned to it:
      JobAssignment Time
    6. Present job assignment and length of time assigned to it:
    7. Assigned duties:
    8. Has the project person received any specific training or attended any schools for the operation currently assigned to?

      If yes, list type and date:

      Type of TrainingDate Taken
    9. Does the project person understand his or her authority?
    10. Does the project person have the necessary equipment and contract documents for performance of assigned duties?
    11. General Comments:
    12. Evaluation by FHWA interviewer:

      Is the person carrying out his job assignment satisfactorily?

      If not, explain:

    1. Location:
    2. Date:
    3. Personnel in Attendance:
    4. Findings Discussed:
    5. Agreements Reached:
Updated: 06/27/2017
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