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Process Review and Evaluation

Utility Accommodation Procedures

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Date of Inspection: 
FHWA Inspection Team: 
State DOT's Participants: 
  • State DOT Policy For Accommodating Utilities on the Primary Road System - January 1990.
  • State DOT Policy for Accommodating Utilities on County FAS or City FAUS Routes as Part of a Federal-aid Project, 1987.
  • Construction Manual, Chapter 12.
  • State DOT PPM Policy 500.06.
  • State DOT Road Design Aids Manual Item 260.
    1. R-O-W/Utility Dept.
      1. Process for identifying utilities
        1. By whom
        2. When
      2. Action required
      3. Agreement status on Federal-aid project cert.
        1. responsibility
        2. clarification of terminology
      4. Review of utilities plans
    2. Design
      1. Involvement in utilities
        1. When
        2. Responsibilities
      2. Criteria for location and detail on highway construction plans
    3. Coordination with FHWA
      1. When
      2. By whom
      3. Under what circumstances
    4. Verification for compliance with Utility Accommodation Policy
    1. Project:
    2. Type of work
    3. Status of work
    4. Utilities to be coordinated with Construction
    5. Records by RCE
      1. Agreement
      2. Field Book
      3. Delays to contractor due to utilities
      4. Extra work orders due to utilities existing but not shown on plans
      5. How clearly and accurately are utilities shown?
    6. Knowledge of Utility Accommodation Policy
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Updated: 06/27/2017
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