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Work Zone Traffic Control Inspection Form

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Project No. D: 
Fed Aid? 
Weather/Lighting Conditions: 
Project Type: 

Construction Signing/Advance Warning

      Good Fair Poor
Quantity of Signs: Sign Condition:   
Good Rigid sign   
Too many Flexible sign   
Missing sign series Reflectivity   
Missing specific sign     
Credibility of Text: Arrowboard Use:   
Good Placement   
Misleading sign text Performance   
Unneeded signs visible     
Countdown but no work     
Sign Placement: Non-standard signs:   
Good Text   
Too low Color   
Not readily visible Shape   
Poor sign spacing     
Overall Advance Warning:Excellent _____ Adequate _____ Inadequate _____



Devices Used/Condition:GoodFairPoor  
Barricades   Unsafe ballasting 
Drums   Unsafe battery mount 
Cones   Inadequate spacing 
Vertical panels   Inadequate taper length 
Tubular markers   More devices needed 
Warning lights   Non-standard device 
Overall Channelization:Excellent _____ Adequate _____ Inadequate _____


Pavement Markings

No markings Confusing markings  
Condition:GoodObscuredFadedDamaged / Dislodged
Paint or Tape    
Raised Markers    
Overall Markings:Excellent _____ Adequate _____ Inadequate _____



Number/Effectiveness of Flaggers: Flagger Signs: 
Effective Good 
Ineffective Too close 
Poor coordination Too far 
Not enough flaggers No flagger 
Flagging Technique: No sign 
Good Signal Device: 
Fair Flags 
Poor Paddles 
Flagger Attire:   
No hard hat   
No vest   
Overall Flagging:Excellent _____ Adequate _____ Inadequate _____


Roadside Safety

Type of Barrier:Concrete / Timber Curb / Guiderail / Other
Barrier Condition:Fair / Poor
Flared end treatment needed?Yes / No
Impact attenuator needed?Yes / No
Barrier Delineation: 
Lights:Good / Fair / Not working
ReflectorsGood / Fair / Poor / Too small
Inadequate drop-off delineation?Yes / No
Inadequate clear zone?Yes / No
Overall roadside safety:Excellent / Adequate / Inadequate


Miscellaneous Traffic Control

Unprotected operations or equipment in roadway 
Poor temporary traffic signal operation/installation 
Original signs/delineation in poor condition 
Speed limit:_____ mph / Too Low / Appropriate
Pedestrian Safety:Inadequate travel path / Inadequate protection from hazards
Access Control:Good / Fair / Poor
Overall Misc. Traffic Control:Excellent / Adequate / Inadequate



Construction Project M&PT Survey Rating System

5Excellent design and implementation of M&PT. Controls provide adequate driver guidance for virtually all situations. No significant deficiencies encountered, and comments were limited to fine-tuning or other minor adjustment. All TCDs are in good condition, appropriate for the actual situation, and properly placed.
4Good design and implementation of M&PT. Controls provide adequate driver input for most situations likely to be encountered. Some minor deficiencies may be present, such as less than optimum choice, condition or placement of individual device.
3Design and implementation of M&PT is generally acceptable. There may be a number of specific points that can be improved or refined, and occasional points that may be only marginally effective.
2Design and implementation of M&PT is only marginally effective. Many specific points need refinement or adjustment, or a number of individual points are marginally effective. Although drivers familiar with the work zone can be expected to traverse it safely, unfamiliar drivers may experience difficulty, especially during adverse conditions, such as heavy traffic, rain, or darkness.
1Although some traffic controls have been provided, they are not adequate to provide guidance through the work zone. Drivers familiar with the site may not experience difficulty during favorable conditions, but unfamiliar drivers will probably have problems in traversing the site during all conditions, and even familiar drivers during adverse conditions.
0Other than occasional signs or other devices which are not coordinated or effective, no traffic control is provided, and motorists are left on their own to traverse the work zone. Guidance provided to drivers may be misleading such that drivers are directed to make inappropriate or dangerous responses.
Updated: 06/27/2017
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