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Federal-aid Matching Strategies

Toll Credit Infographic

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What is a Toll Credit?

Toll credits reward states that spend their toll revenue on projects that would otherwise require federal-aid support. States and metropolitan planning organizations are eligible to earn credits based on the amount of toll revenue used by the toll authority for building, improving, or maintaining highways, bridges, or tunnels that serve interstate commerce.

Tolling station from above

How Toll Credits Work

Toll Revenue Collect > Toll Revenue Reinvested > Toll Credit Earned > Toll Credit Used

Where Toll Credits are Used

Toll credits do not generate new money! Instead, they can be used as a "soft match" substitute for the non-federal share of most highway and public transportation projects, reducing the burden on states and freeing funding for other transportation projects.

Local, Insterstate and Transit

U.S. Toll Credit Balances

  • Total approximate balance nationwide - $38,771,513,989 (as of the end of Federal Fiscal Year 2022)
  • States with toll credit balances - 29 out of 52 - or 56%
Twenty-nine out of 52 states, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have toll credit balances. That equals approximately $38,771,513,989 toal balance nationwide, as of fiscal year 2022.

For more information on toll credits and how to take advantage of them in your state, email

U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration
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