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Highway Statistics 1999

Section VI:Special Studies and Metric Tables

Updated indicates the latest update in Excel only. The Original tables are the "as-published" version which can be downloaded in Excel and viewed in PDF.

1998 International Data for Selected Countries:

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Social and demographic characteristics (Table IN-1) Excel (100K)PDF (14K)
Road sysem measures (Table IN-2) Excel (37K)PDF (10K)
Transportation indicators (Table IN-3) Excel (18K)PDF (12K)
Vehicle travel (Table IN-4)  Excel (33K)PDF (15K)
Fuel prices and economic indicators (Table IN-5) Fatalities and fatality rates for selected countries (Table IN-6) Excel (61K)PDF (26K)

Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey (NPTS):

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Summary Statistics on Demographic Characteristics and Total Travel 1969, 1977, 1983, 1990 and 1995 NPTS (For more information, go to the 1995 NPTS website) Table NPTS-1)Excel (10K)PDF (10K)

Metric Tables:

Motor Fuel Useage

Motor-fuel use (Table MF-21M) Coming soonPDF (28K)
Estimated use of gasohol (Table MF-33EM) Excel (11K)PDF (9K)

Public road length in the United States, classified by:

Ownership (Table HM-10M) (Revised)Excel (33K)Excel (17K)PDF (13K)
Type of surface and jurisdiction/functional system (Table HM-12M) (Revised)Excel (12K)Excel (16K)PDF (12K)
Ownership and Federal-aid highway-national (Table HM-16M) (Revised)Excel (27K)Excel (11K)PDF (8K)
Functional system and Federal-aid highways-national (Table HM-18M) (Revised)Excel (28K)Excel (11K)PDF (9K)
Functional system (Table HM-20M) (Revised)Excel (41K)Excel (18K)PDF (13K)

Federal-aid highways length, classified by:

Ownership (Table HM-14M) (Revised)Excel (71K)Excel (41K)PDF (39K)
System (Table HM-15M) (Revised)Excel (47K)Excel (22K)PDF (15K)
Traffic lanes and access control-national (Table HM-36M) (Revised)Excel (31K)Excel (15K)PDF (10K)

National Highway System length, classified by:

Open and not open to traffic (Table HM-30M) (Revised)Excel (39K)Excel (23K)PDF (16K)

Functional system data:

Ownership (Table HM-50M) (Revised)Excel (104K)Excel (59K)PDF (54K)
Rural and urban lane-kilometers, estimated (Table HM-60M) (Revised)Excel (40K)Excel (19K)PDF (12K)

Highway useage and performance:

Vehicle-kilometers of travel, by highway category, vehicle type, and related data (Table VM-1M) Excel (15K)PDF (10K)
Vehicle-kilometers of travel, by functional system (Table VM-2M) (Revised)Excel (42K)Excel (18K)PDF (12K)
Vehicle-kilometers of travel, by Federal-aid highways (TableVM-3M) (Revised)Excel (49K)Excel (23K)PDF (15K)

If you have specific question on International Data or the Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey, call (202) 366-0160.

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