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The MATC Program aims to:

  • Introduce new and emerging asphalt materials and construction technologies to agency, industry, and academic stakeholders
  • Provide practical and technical information, leadership, and training for the delivery of long-life asphalt pavements
  • Assist in advancement of innovations into common practice

The challenges facing the asphalt community are constantly changing and the MATC is available to help.

Every day, the MATC achieves its mission through:

  • Project Site Visits: FHWA is an independent party that provides a national perspective to agencies and industry stakeholders, offering first-hand exposure to new technologies

  • Capabilities: Since 1988, FHWA has provided agencies and their industry stakeholders with technical assistance by demonstrating a number of materials and mixture tests, along with field technologies, in its mobile asphalt laboratory

  • Equipment Loan Program: States and industry obtain exposure to new technologies and gain hands-on experience when they borrow equipment from the MATC through its loan program

  • Customized Training Workshops: Test results and observations from the project site visits and equipment loan program experiences are presented through the delivery of classroom and online training

The MATC provides assistance to members of the asphalt pavement community.

More information available through the MATC:

Explore and download the wide variety of technical documents available on our website.

An Experienced, Knowledgeable Team.

The MATC team members are experienced innovators and asphalt paving professionals, bringing extensive experience in delivering programs and innovation to state DOTs and their stakeholders. The team has expertise in areas such as non-destructive testing, balanced mix design, and inputs to pavement design and analysis tools.

Download Our Brochure:

General information about the Mobile Asphalt Technology Center is available in our brochure.

Reach out to the MATC today at FHWA-MATC@dot.gov to learn more.

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Updated: 10/11/2023
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