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Site Visits
Man inside the interior of a mobile asphalt laboratory who is explaining about the lab to a crowd of visitors.

The MATC program is equipped to handle a diverse range of needs in a diverse range of places. We receive about 25 requests leading to 5 to 7 site visits annually.

The entire process for a visit takes about 6 months, including three to four weeks on site. It starts with a planning call, includes an on-site open house, closes with a technical assistance report approximately 90 days after the testing visit, and culminates with the 2-day Quality in the Asphalt Paving Process workshop held at the State DOT facility. Information is available for on-site space and power requirements for hosting a MATC laboratory visit.

Typical site visit process

Steps taken in a typical site visit.
  1. PLANNING CALL (1 hour) - Webinar involving State Department of Transportation (State DOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Division Office

  2. LOGISTICS (60 days) - Working through all aspects with State DOT and Contractor

  3. ON-SITE KICKOFF MEETING (2 hours) - Involves State DOT, Contractor, and FHWA Division Office

  4. ON-SITE & VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE - Includes State DOT, State Asphalt Pavement Association Members, Local Public Agencies, Tribal Governments, American Council of Engineering Consultants, and Universities

  5. ON-SITE TESTING (3 weeks) - On the job at Plant and Field construction sites

  6. ON-SITE CLOSEOUT MEETING - Convenes State DOT, Contractor, and FHWA Division Office, held last week at the MATC lab

  7. QUALITY IN ASPHALT PAVING PROCESS WORKSHOP - Convenes State DOT, Contractor, State Asphalt Pavement Association Members, and FHWA Division Office for a two day workshop at the State DOT

Who benefits from a MATC site visit - Mobile lab with door open

Who Benefits From an MATC Site Visit?

  • State DOTs
  • Federal agencies
  • Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) and local and tribal governments
  • Paving industry
  • Private or academic stakeholders
  • Anyone in the asphalt pavement community

Also, the MATC routinely presents information at meetings and conferences.

Reach out to the MATC today at FHWA-MATC@dot.gov to learn more.

Image Source: FHWA

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Updated: 05/06/2024
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