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SEP-14 Approval list

SEP-14 Evaluation Report: Missouri

May 14,2007

Greg Budd, P.E.
Federal Highway Administration
3220 W. Edgewood, Suite H
Jefferson City, MO 65 109

Subject: The New 1-64
Job No. J6I0978
St. Louis City and County
Request for Project Authorization

Dear Mr. Budd:

Attached is the SEP-14 Evaluation Report for Job No. J6I0978, The New 1-64 in St. Louis City and county. This is report summarizes the process of allowing the unsuccessful bidders technical concepts to be included in the final negotiations with the successful bidder.


Please contact Lesley Hoffarth at (314) 524-9276 if you have any questions

Letter signed by:
Lesley S. Hoffarth, P.E., Project Director
Project Director
The New 1-64 Project
8474 Delport Drive, Suite 200
St. Louis, MO 631 14
phone: (314) 524-9276
fax: (314) 524-9240
www.thenewi64.org or www.modot.org toll free: (888) ASK MoDOT

MoDOT New 1-64 Design-Build Project Special Experimental Project No. 14 (SEP-14) Innovative Contracting Request Report

Submitted to FHWA Headquarters (HIPA-30)
by FHWA Missouri Division

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) entered into a Design-Build Contract with Gateway Constructors in December 2006 for the New 1-64 design-build project, an east-west highway centrally located in the St. Louis metropolitan area. 1-64 extends 945 miles (1520 kilometers) from the Daniel Boone Bridge over the Missouri River between St. Charles County and St. Louis County to Portsmouth, Virginia, at 1-264, passing through the cities of St. Louis, MO; Louisville, KY; Lexington, KY; Huntington, WV; Charleston, WV; Richmond, VA; and Norfolk, VA. Interstate connections in the St. Louis region are provided at 1-270, 1-170, 1-70, I-55,I-44 and 1-255. The New 1-64 Project will reconstruct 1-64 from west of Spoede Road in St. Louis County to east of Kingshighway in the city of St. Louis and 1-1 70 from Galleria Parkway to Eager Road in accordance with the commitments in the Record of Decision and Final Environmental Impact Statement/Section 4(f) Evaluation.

The reconstruction includes actions to replace or rehabilitate deteriorated pavement; replace or rehabilitate structurally deficient and functionally obsolete bridges; improve traffic operations, geometrics, and safety; and add mainline capacity between Spoede Road and 1-170. Major improvements will be made to interchanges along 1-64 and its connections to 1-1 70. The primary purpose of this project is to replace the aging infrastructure and relieve traffic congestion on 1-64.

The Contract includes federal funding and is a fixed price/best design contract pursuant to the federal design-build regulations, 23 Part 636, et a1 (the "federal regulations"). MoDOT entered into discussions with each proposer as allowed by Subpart E of the federal regulations and on June 8,2006 requested a waiver of 23 CFR # 636.507(b) which provides that an owner cannot reveal another offeror's technical solutions. On June 13, 2006, FHWA approved MoDOT's request.

MoDOT provided notice in its RFP that it would select an apparent best value proposer at which time it would negotiate into the final contract technical solutions of the unsuccessful proposer that were beneficial to the apparent best value proposer, taking advantage of the innovative ideas of both teams. There were only two short-listed proposers and both proposers had no problem with the concept or with the process. A $1.5M stipend was paid to the unsuccessful proposer.

Each proposal received by MoDOT was significantly different; therefore, no concepts of the unsuccessful proposer were incorporated into the successful proposer's contract. The apparent successful proposer reviewed the unsuccessful proposer's concepts but did not see an advantage in using any of the concepts of the unsuccessful proposer. However, since both proposers believed the process was advantageous, MoDOT believes that the process proved successful and intends to use the same process on the 1-2911-35 project in Kansas City, MO unless FHWA objects to such use; MoDOT continues to believe that the flexibilities allowed by the SEP 14 waiver helped to maximize opportunities for obtaining the best value project within the available budget. The 1-2911-35 project final RFP is expected to be released in approximately May 2007 and the contractor is anticipated to be selected in December 2007.

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