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Publication Number:  FHWA-HRT-16-007    Date:  January 2016
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-16-007
Date: January 2016


Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program Protocols, Version 1

Long-Term Bridge Performance Program Logo

Bridge Inspection Records
LTBP Protocol #: PRE-ED-BD-005


Data Collected

1.1 Inspection information, metadata, data, documents, and images collected by the owner’s inspection staff or owner’s consultant inspection forces during the current and past biennial National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) bridge inspections and any other inspections performed.  


Onsite Equipment and Personnel Requirements

2.1 Equipment:  
2.1.1 Computer.  
2.1.2 Scanner.  
2.2 Personnel: PRE-PL-LO-005, Personnel Qualifications.  



3.1 Work with the bridge owner to obtain the required inspection information (data collection table items 9–13).

NOTE—All current and past National Bridge Inspection (NBI) data and all current and past AASHTO element level data will be obtained through separate processes.
3.2 If the bridge information exists only in paper form, scan that information into an electronic format so it can be stored in the LTBP Bridge Portal.  
3.3 Storing data, documents, and images:  
3.3.1 FLD-DS-LS-001, Data, Document, and Image Storage—Local, for local storage.  
3.3.2 FLD-DS-RS-001, Data, Document, and Image Storage—Remote, for remote storage.  
3.4 Reporting: Transfer all metadata, data, documents, and images to FHWA, and/or upload all metadata, data, documents, and images into the LTBP Bridge Portal.  


Data Collection Table

4.1 Table:  
# Field Name Data Type Accuracy Unit Field Description Row Color
1 State Text     State Code; e.g., Virginia = VA Green
2 NBI structure number Text     Item 8, structure number; from NBI Coding Guide Green
3 Structure name Text     Descriptive name for the bridge; e.g., Route 15 SB over
4 Protocol name Text     Title of the protocol Green
5 Protocol version Text Month and year   Month and year the protocol version was published; e.g., May 2015 Green
6 Personnel performing data collection activities Text     First name(s) Last name(s) Green
7 Date data was collected Text Exact date   mm/dd/yyyy Green
8 Month and year of inspection Text Month and year   mm/yyyy, repeat for each year inspection information is collected Blue
9 Copy of the periodic inspection report BLOB     Electronic or scanned copy of full inspection report Yellow
10 Inspection conducted by State personnel or a consultant Predefined list     State inspector
Consultant inspector
11 Person(s) conducting inspection Text     Name(s) and affiliations Yellow
12 Copies of sketches, photographs, and other figures BLOB     Electronic or scanned copy of each sketch, photograph or other figure not included in the inspection report Yellow
13 Comments Text       Orange
4.2 Table Key:  
Column Descriptions
Sequential number of data item
Field Name
Data field name
Data Type
Type of data, such as text, number, predefined list, binary large object (BLOB), or PDF file
Accuracy to which the data are recorded
Unit in which a measurement is taken and recorded
Field Description
Commentary on the data or list of items in a predefined list
Row Color Key
Data items only entered once for each protocol for each day the protocol is applied
Logical breakdown of data by elements or defect types (not always used)
Data identifying the element being evaluated or the type of defect being identified
LTBP data reported individually for each element or defect identified
Comments on the data collection or data entered


Criteria for Data Validation

5.1 None.  



6.1 This protocol provides guidance for collecting records and data compiled by the owner during biennial NBIS inspections, as well as other periodic inspections.

The information in the owner’s inspection files is an excellent resource for understanding the history of the bridge before beginning LTBP field data collection.
6.2 In accordance with the NBIS, every bridge (on public highways) must be inspected at least every 2 years. Inventory and inspection data collected during these inspections is reported to FHWA and stored in the NBI database. In addition to the required data for the NBI database, most State bridge owners keep detailed records of the inspection findings—details of deficiencies, photographs, and other information documenting the condition of the bridge and all of its elements.  
6.3 During the biennial inspections, for bridges other than culverts, NBIS inspectors record NBI condition ratings for NBI items 58 (deck), 59 (superstructure), and 60 (substructure). These ratings are included in the inspection reports. These data will also be collected for all LTBP bridges under a separate process.  
6.4 During the biennial inspections, depending on the owner’s policies, inspectors may also estimate and record element level condition state data in accordance with reference 7.2.3 or 7.2.4 below. These data will be collected for all LTBP bridges under a separate process.  



7.1 LTBP Protocols:  
7.1.1 PRE-PL-LO-005, Personnel Qualifications.  
7.1.2 FLD-DS-LS-001, Data, Document, and Image Storage—Local.  
7.1.3 FLD-DS-RS-001, Data, Document, and Image Storage—Remote.  
7.2 External:  
7.2.1 FHWA, National Bridge Inspection Standards, 2009 Final Rule, Federal Register, Volume 74, Number 246, Pages 68377-68379, Washington, DC, 2009.  
7.2.2 FHWA-NHI-12-053, Bridge Inspector’s Reference Manual, Federal Highway Administration, Washington, DC, 2012.  
7.2.3 AASHTO, AASHTO Guide for Commonly Recognized Structural Elements, 1st Edition with 2002 and 2010 Revisions, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Washington, DC, 2010.\  
7.2.4 AASHTO, Manual for Bridge Element Inspection, 1st Edition with 2015 Interim Revisions, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Washington, DC, 2013.  




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