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Publication Number:  FHWA-HRT-16-007    Date:  January 2016
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-16-007
Date: January 2016


Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program Protocols, Version 1

Long-Term Bridge Performance Program Logo

Bridge Maintenance Records and Cost Data
LTBP Protocol #: PRE-ED-BD-006


Data Collected

1.1 Information and data related to maintenance actions for the bridge and their costs.  


Onsite Equipment and Personnel Requirements

2.1 Equipment:  
2.1.1 Computer.  
2.1.2 Scanner.  
2.2 Personnel: PRE-PL-LO-005, Personnel Qualifications.  



3.1 Use the data collection grid (FLD-OP-SC-001, Data Collection Grid and Coordinate System for Bridge Decks) to locate maintenance actions on the deck.  
3.2 Use the segmentation and numbering system (FLD-OP-SC-002, Structure Segmentation and Element Identification System) to locate and document maintenance actions by unique element identifier.  
3.3 Use FLD-OP-SC-003, Determination of Local Origins for Elements, to establish a local origin on each element of the superstructure and substructure.  
3.4 Work with the bridge owner to obtain information and cost data for each maintenance action for the bridge since 1960 or the year the bridge was opened to traffic, whichever is later (data collection table items 8–21). For treatments that involve several operations with different materials (e.g., patching deck, followed by sealing), report each action separately if possible.  
3.4.1 If the bridge information exists only in paper form, scan that information into an electronic format so it can be stored in the LTBP Bridge Portal.  
3.5 Storing data, documents, and images:  
3.5.1 FLD-DS-LS-001, Data, Document, and Image Storage—Local, for local storage.  
3.5.2 FLD-DS-RS-001, Data, Document, and Image Storage—Remote, for remote storage.  
3.6 Reporting: Transfer all metadata, data, documents, and images to FHWA, and/or upload all metadata, data, documents, and images into the LTBP Bridge Portal.  


Data Collection Table

4.1 Table:  
# Field Name Data Type Accuracy Unit Field Description Row Color
1 State Text     State Code; e.g., Virginia = VA Green
2 NBI structure number Text     Item 8, structure number; from NBI Coding Guide Green
3 Structure name Text     Descriptive name for the bridge; e.g., Route 15 SB over I–66 Green
4 Protocol name Text     Title of the protocol Green
5 Protocol version Text Month and year   Month and year the protocol version was published; e.g., May 2015 Green
6 Personnel performing data collection activities Text     First name(s) Last name(s) Green
7 Date data were collected Text Exact date   mm/dd/yyyy Green
8 Element type Text     e.g.; abutment, pier, etc. Blue
9 Unique element identifier Text     If the entire element type is not impacted, list the unique element identifier(s) of elements impacted; P1C1 (column 1 of pier 1) Blue
10 Year maintenance action completed Text Exact year   yyyy Yellow
11 Type of maintenance action Predefined list     Clean the deck
Seal cracks
Seal the full deck
Patch deck
Apply overlay to deck
Remove debris from deck drainage system
Paint girders and/or cross-frames
Clean bearing
Other (specify)
12 Narrative and photographic description of element condition Text       Yellow
13 Describe any preparation of element prior to maintenance action Text     e.g., clean, blast clean, patch deck, remove existing paint, Yellow
14 Materials and quantities used in the maintenance action Text     Generic material types and brand names if known; quantities used if known Yellow
15 Material specifications Text     If available Yellow
16 Quantity of maintenance action accomplished Text 1 Varies e.g., deck area sealed in square feet Yellow
17 Cost of maintenance action Number 1 USD   Yellow
18 Cost basis Text     Specify cost basis; e.g., total cost, unit cost per square foot Yellow
19 Maintenance of traffic (MOT) included in cost? Predefined list     Yes or No Yellow
20 Work done by State personnel or a contractor Predefined list     State personnel
21 Comments Text       Orange
4.2 Table Key:  
Column Descriptions
Sequential number of data item
Field Name
Data field name
Data Type
Type of data, such as text, number, predefined list, binary large object (BLOB), or PDF file
Accuracy to which the data are recorded
Unit in which a measurement is taken and recorded
Field Description
Commentary on the data or list of items in a predefined list
Row Color Key
Data items only entered once for each protocol for each day the protocol is applied
Logical breakdown of data by elements or defect types (not always used)
Data identifying the element being evaluated or the type of defect being identified
LTBP data reported individually for each element or defect identified
Comments on the data collection or data entered


Criteria for Data Validation

5.1 None.  



6.1 This protocol provides guidance for collecting data on the actions taken by the owner to maintain the bridge and its elements during the life of the bridge.  
6.2 These data are used to do the following:  
6.2.1 Document the actions that the owner took to maintain the elements of the bridge after the bridge was put into service.  
6.2.2 Evaluate the causes of declining performance of the bridge and develop deterioration models.  
6.2.3 Document the costs of maintaining the bridge and the elements of the bridge after the bridge was put into service.  



7.1 LTBP Protocols:  
7.1.1 FLD-OP-SC-001, Data Collection Grid and Coordinate System for Bridge Decks.  
7.1.2 FLD-OP-SC-002, Structure Segmentation and Element Identification System.  
7.1.3 FLD-OP-SC-003, Determination of Local Origins for Elements.  
7.1.4 PRE-PL-LO-005, Personnel Qualifications.  
7.1.5 FLD-DS-LS-001, Data, Document, and Image Storage—Local.  
7.1.6 FLD-DS-RS-001, Data, Document, Image Storage—Remote.  
7.2 External: None.  




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