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High Performance Concrete Technology Delivery Team

Introducing . . . the Federal Highway Administration's High Performance Concrete Technology Delivery Team

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Created to implement a mandate of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) legislation, the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) High Performance Concrete Technology Delivery Team (HPC TDT) motivated and helped State DOT's to build more economical and durable bridges using high performance concrete. The TDT, created in 1997, assisted 13 States in design and construction of HPC bridges. Hundreds of State, Federal and industry personnel were introduced to HPC technology at workshops and showcases planned by the TDT and hosted by participating DOT's. Working with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Lead States Team on HPC Implementation, the TDT influenced many additional State DOT's to try HPC in their highway bridges.

By the time the ISTEA legislation expired, about 25 States had used HPC. Today, the TDT continues to promote HPC and encourage states to build HPC bridges through the Innovative Bridge Research & Construction Program (IBRCP) created under the current highway program of TEA-21. HPC is considered an innovative material and projects can be funded under the guidelines of the IBRCP.

Two primary factors led to the rejuvenation of the HPC TDT. In 1998, the FHWA created Resource Center offices in Atlanta, Baltimore, Olympia Fields (IL), and San Francisco. These Centers were staffed to bring training, technical expertise and technology transfer specialists closer to state and local highway agencies. In addition, the TDT was being renewed with a focus on field delivery of HPC technology. Currently, TDT members represent the Resource Center; the field Division Offices; the Headquarters Offices of Bridge and Pavement Technology; the Office of Infrastructure Research and Development; the Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division; and various State DOT's. Recognizing that earlier technology delivery efforts were the result of key partnerships and coordination, the new TDT also includes representatives from academia and industry.

One major initiative aimed at achieving our goal to educate users involves use of the world wide web, where a new &community of practice& website has been established. The site allows users to post questions on HPC, participate in discussions, share documents, and review works in progress. Visit the site at:


Users will have the option to subscribe to an e-mail notification system where they will receive a summary of postings to the Community of Practice site for any of the following HPC subject areas that they choose:

  • Definition and Research
  • Structural Design/Specifications
  • Mix Design/Proportioning
  • Precast/Prestressed Beam Fabrication/Transportation/Erection
  • Cast-in-Place Construction
  • Instrumentation/Monitoring/Evaluation
  • Costs
  • Case Studies/Lessons Learned

A new link has been added to results of a 2003-04 national survey on State DOT HPC implementation

The focus of the new HPC TDT is to be the leader in advancing HPC technology for the benefit of our Nation's infrastructure. The business plan includes:


"Be the leader in advancing HPC technology"


"Improve the durability and cost-effectiveness of the Nation's transportation infrastructure"


  1. Establish HPC as standard practice for every State DOT
  2. Partner with AASHTO and Industry to develop and lead a National agenda on HPC technology
  3. Implement the AASHTO HPC Lead States' Team transition plan
  4. Educate users on HPC practices in design, construction, and materials

March 16, 2005
FHWA Pub. No. FHWA-ERC-02-006 (3M)

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