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EDC 2012 Initiatives

Traffic Incident Management (TIM) is a planned and coordinated multidisciplinary practice designed to detect, respond to, and clear traffic incidents that allows traffic flow to be restored as safely and quickly as possible. Since effective TIM is critical to ensure improved responder and motorist safety, reduced traffic congestion, and enhanced system performance and reliability, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is deploying a standardized, and cost-effective training framework and curriculum that are vital to spur widespread adoption of best practices and to promote consistency in application.

This EDC Exchange will present information about Tier I of this training, which is focused on safe, efficient incident mitigation activities and was developed for incident responders to acquire a common set of core competencies that promote a shared understanding of the recommendations for achieving the National Unified Goal for TIM; Responder Safety, Safe Quick Clearance and Prompt, Reliable, Interoperable Communications. Tier I training includes on-scene activities including detection/verification, response, site management, clearance/ removal, and traffic management with a focus on responder safety.

Overview of initiative Sample of tier 1 training materials Paul Jodoin
Traffic Incident Management Program Manager
Federal Highway Administration
Office of Operations
Washington D.C.
Virginia deployment of the SHRP2 National TIM Responder Training Lieutenant F.D. Glick
Staff Assistant
Bureau of Field Operations
Virginia State Police
Florida deployment of the SHRP2 National TIM Responder Training Paul L. Clark
Commercial Vehicle and
Traffic Incident Management Programs
State Traffic Operations and Engineering Office
Florida DOT


Kentucky LTAP Role National TIM Responder Training Martha Horseman
Program Manager / LTAP Director
Technology Transfer Program
University of Kentucky
Kentucky Transportation Center
Ohio LTAP Role National TIM Responder Training Victoria F. Beale, JD, SPHR
Ohio LTAP Center Director &
Assistant Administrator, Office of Local Programs
Ohio Department of Transportation


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