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Connection Details for PBES

Appendix B: Proprietary Products

The following is a listing of proprietary products and systems that can be used for prefabricated bridges. The list is based on the information contained in this document. There are other products and systems available in the United States. Designers should keep apprised of systems that may be available.


Prefabricated Superstructure Systems

  1. Inverset

    A precast concrete steel composite superstructure unit that is fabricated in the inverted (up side down) position. When flipped right side up, the deck is precompressed by the weight of the unit. The units are placed on the substructure and narrow reinforced longitudinal closure pours complete the superstructure. The additional compression due to the inverted casting increases the quality and durability of the deck. The system was at one time patented. It is the understanding of the authors that patent has run out; therefore it can be manufactured by any precast fabricators.

    Contact Information:
    The Fort Miller Co, Inc.
    P.O. Box 98
    Schuylerville, NY 12871
    Phone: (518) 695-5000

  2. Effideck™

    Effideck™ is a lightweight, precast concrete bolt down deck replacement system. The system consists of a lightweight concrete deck slab and closely spaced structural steel members cast integrally.

    Contact Information:
    The Fort Miller Co, Inc.
    P.O. Box 98
    Schuylerville, NY 12871
    Phone: (518) 695-5000

  3. CON/SPAN® Bridge Systems

    CON/SPAN® is a patented modular precast concrete system for the construction of bridges, culverts, underground structures and environmentally acceptable alternatives for underground containment. The structures are arch type spans with spandrel walls. Precast wingwalls are also included in this system.

    Contact Information:
    3100 Research Blvd.
    P.O. Box 20266
    Dayton, Ohio 45420-0266
    Phone: 937-254-2233

  4. BEBO® Concrete Arch System

    The BEBO® Concrete Arch System is a combination of cast-in-place concrete footings, precast arch elements, headwalls, and wingwalls. The arch segments can be supplied in one or two piece configurations.

    Contact Information:
    CONTECH Construction Products Inc.
    9025 Centre Pointe Dr.
    Suite 400
    West Chester, OH 45069
    Phone: 800-338-1122

  5. HY-SPAN® Bridge System

    The HY-SPAN® Bridge System is a precast concrete rigid frame system with a flat top. It can span from six to forty feet.

    Contact Information:
    HY-SPAN® Systems, Inc.
    2050 South Harding
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46221
    Phone: 800-875-4920

Grouted Reinforcing Splice Couplers

  1. NMB Splice Sleeve

    The NMB Splice Sleeve is a mechanical coupler for splicing reinforcing bars which uses a cylindrical shaped casting filled with a Portland cement based nonshrink high early strength grout. Reinforcing bars being spliced are inserted into the sleeve to meet approximately at the center of the sleeve. This allows for the structural connection of precast sections that will develop connections beyond the tensile strength of the bar.

    Contact Information:
    Splice Sleeve North America, Inc.
    192 Technology Drive, Suite J,
    Irvine, California 92618-2409
    Phone: (949)861-8393

  2. Dayton Superior DB Grout Sleeve

    The Dayton Superior DB Grout Sleeve provides a two-piece splicing technique for splicing rebar. Typical applications include splicing rebar in precast concrete construction and cast-in-place concrete structures. The DB Grout Sleeve is a steel casting filled with special non-shrink grout that splices reinforcing after elements are erected.

    Contact Information:
    Dayton Superior
    Corporate Headquarters
    7777 Washington Village Dr., Ste. 130
    Dayton, OH 45459
    Phone: 937-428-6360

  3. Erico Lenton Interlok

    The Erico Lenton Interlok rebar splicing system is a coupler using for connecting precast elements using the patented Lenton tapered thread system along with a specially formulated cementitious grout placed in a steel casting sleeve.

    Contact Information:
    ERICO United States
    34600 Solon Road
    Solon, Ohio 44139
    Phone: 440-248-0100

Proprietary Retaining Wall Systems

There are numerous prefabricated retaining wall companies in the United States. Most agencies have approved product lists for proprietary retaining walls. Designers are encouraged to contact the local agencies for walls that are approved for use.

  1. Reinforced Earth

    Reinforced Earth® and Retained Earth™ Retaining Walls are mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) gravity structures consisting of alternating layers of granular backfill and reinforcing strips with a modular precast concrete facing.

    Contact Information:
    The Reinforced Earth Company
    8614 Westwood Center Drive, Suite 1100
    Vienna, VA 22182-2233
    Phone: 1-800-446-5700

  2. Doublewal

    Doublewal is an interlocking precast retaining wall system. Each Doublewal unit consist of two concrete panels connected by cross beams to form a soil bin. The units are keyed together and filled with granular materials.

    Contact Information:
    Doublewal Corporation
    7 West Main Street Plainville, CT 06062
    Phone: 860-793-0295

  3. T-Wall

    The T-WALL® Retaining Wall System is a precast reinforced concrete modular wall system. The precast unit is comprised of a rectangular face panel and a stem that extends into the backfill. The units are fabricated with a stem length designed to suit the application. The units are then stacked and backfilled to suit site conditions.

    Contact Information:
    The Neel Company
    8328-D Traford Lane
    Springfield, VA 22152
    Phone: 703-913-7858

Post-tensioning Systems

  1. Dywidag Systems

    Dydiwag Systems supplies both multi-strand and threaded bar post-tensioning systems.

    Contact Information:
    DYWIDAG Systems International USA, Inc.
    320 Marmon Drive
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
    Phone: 630-739-1100

  2. VSL Post-tensioning Systems

    VSL supplies all types of multi-strand post-tensioning systems.

    Contact Information:
    VSL Corporate Headquarters
    7455 New Ridge Road, Suite T
    Hanover, MD 21076
    Phone: 410-850-7000

  3. Williams Threadbar

    Williams supplies threaded bar post-tensioning systems.

    Contact Information:
    Williams Form Engineering Corp.
    8165 Graphic Drive
    Belmont, MI 49306
    Phone: 616-866-1890

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