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ACTT Interim Report, Spring 2004

A Note from the ACTT Sponsors

Workers on the Dallas High Five Project, TxDOT

The highway community has been moving toward a new way of doing business as construction has intensified in recent years in an attempt to confront a two-fold problem. First, our highway infrastructure is aging. Much of it was built in the 1950s and 1960s and is in need of rehabilitation and replacement. Second, although highway capacity has increased little during the last two decades, traffic demand has grown tremendously, causing high levels of congestion. Large construction projects designed to improve worn-out and outdated roads and bridges compound traffic problems during lengthy construction periods. Today's motorists want high quality, longer-lasting highways, but they want any construction-related activity completed as quickly as possible.

FHWA and AASHTO are working with State transportation agencies, industry, and academia to strengthen our long-standing partnership in order to better serve our customers through rapid adoption of new technologies and innovative practices. The Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer (ACTT) program described in this publication represents just one piece of a larger effort. While the ACTT workshop recommendations will produce very tangible benefits on a number of projects, the more important outcome is the transformation of the way we do business. Using a multidisciplinary teamwork approach to reduce construction time and improve safety and quality on large, complex highway projects is a concept that will soon become a standard practice. It's simply good business. It's what our customers want and deserve.

Gary Hoffman signature King W. Gee signature
Gary L. Hoffman, P.E.
Chair, AASHTO Technology Implementation Group
King W. Gee
Deputy Secretary for Highway Administration
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Associate Administrator for Infrastructure
Federal Highway Administration
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