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ACTT Workshop: Minnesota
June 14-16, 2004, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Appendix C: Skill Set Report Forms

Skill Sets:

Right-of-Way and Utilities
Right-of-Way and Utilities Team
Facilitator: Al Pint, Mn/DOT
Note Taker: Joe Pignato, Mn/DOT
FHWA National Experts: Kathy Facer, FHWA, HQ A. Doug Allison, NC DOT
Mn/DOT, Local FHWA, or Local Experts: Deb Anderson-Sleeper, Mn/DOT
Marilyn Remer, Mn/DOT
Karl Rasmussen, Mn/DOT
Curt Fakler, Mn/DOT
Bill Rottschaefer, SRF Consulting Group, Inc.
Jody Martinson, Mn/DOT
Anjani (Minnie) Milkert, Mn/DOT
Matthew Storm, Evergreen Land Services Company
Mark Storm, Evergreen Land Services Company
Idea (Short Name) Idea (Detailed Description) Implementation Details (Barriers, Skill Set Coordination, etc.)
Interagency coordination agreement.
  • Have signed agreement with environmental groups (for example, Corps of Engineers and other permitting agencies) to have the site identified later for mitigation. Next step in the process.
  • New agreement.
Utility/Right-of-way purchased +/- 1 year in advance.

Right-of-way (R/W) purchases for utilities, interstates, and state highways.
  • Coordination of buying of the property for the roadway project.
  • Statutory changes.
  • AG decision.
Earlier utility office involvement for utility R/W purchases

R/W and utility layout meeting.

Use more review fee appraisers.

Title Orders - get as many as possible within reason because it is easy to do.
  • Identify critical path parcels to help in the process. Prioritize the titles.

Coordinating the R/W acquisition associated with the construction staging.
  • Stage and prioritize the right-of-way acquisition based on critical parcels and construction staging, such as total takes, commercial property, railroads, cemetery, etc.

Staged R/W acquisition like design-build (D/B) projects.
  • FHWA requirements.
Only using SUE on D/B. Should think about doing it here.
  • Assures or finds missing utilities.
  • Needs to use more SUE.
  • Other states have seen benefits associated with using SUE to avoid utility-caused delays.
  • State policy, education of design personnel.
Get contracts established as early as possible. Associated assessments and abatements.
  • Possible separate building removals contracts.
  • Scope of work timing issues.
Proceed or obtain authorization for total takes and apartments before signed environmental assessment (EA) and municipal consent. (Risk but get approval to proceed.)

Railroad coordination.
  • CP - David Drach Owner.
  • Progressive Rail - Barry Karlberg Operator.
  • Take railroad and support with trucks.
  • Total acquisition of the rail line.
  • Two entities ready mix is served by the railroad.
  • Time of years of construction.
  • Cost to shut down the line.
  • Cost of exposure.
MSE Walls.
  • Conflict with utilities and additional R/W needed for the tie backs and geogrid system.
  • Both parallel and perpendicular installations.
  • In cut sections.
  • Directional boring could also be a problem.
  • TMC and signals associated with Mn/DOT could also be a problem.
  • Aesthetics problem associated with large vegetation.
  • Permanent Wall Easement will be needed.
Frontage roads to be part of the city's property.
  • We buy it and the city maintains it.
  • Could be to late in the process. Also municipal consent could be a problem.
Peter's Billiards.
  • Total take how we handle the relocation/loss of visibility. (billboard)
  • Buy them out!!!
  • Partial take.
  • Eliminate the connection of the frontage road and run it along the front or west side of the nursing home.
  • EA say it as mitigation.
  • Land, building of the new site.
  • Can't assemble property and sell it to them.
  • Could be political.
  • Problem with damages.
  • Federally we could do this but state requirements are stricter.
  • Driveway problems with access management.
  • Bird and Fish????
Higher limit for MDA acquisitions.
  • FHWA.
  • Overall coordination of functions associated with right-of-way and utilities.
  • Different functional areas associate throughout Mn/DOT i.e. surveys, R/W design, and construction.
Time savings issues.
  • Prioritization of right-of-way acquisition.
  • Staged acquisition based on construction staging.
  • Pre-qualified list for contracting.
  • Standardized forms for consultants to use.
  • Purchase agreement usage.
  • Early and established construction limits.
  • Utility relocation would be a problem.
  • R/W not available.
  • State laws vs. state procedures.
Footprint buy enough right-of-way.
  • Buy enough right-of-way.
  • Need to analyze the risk and move forward with that decision.
  • Must look at buying enough if you do it. Establish utility corridors, stay within the footprint.
  • Buy changing you will add time.
  • To change a footprint you must provide a "show stopping" reason for the need for additional right-of-way. Along with delay time frame.
  • Designers need to live within the R/W bought. Changing and changing.
  • Draining being done late in the process.
  • Dollars, public relations.
Deliver projects quicker.
  • Keep staff appraisers. Flexibility with consultants.
  • Allow up front work to be performed.
  • Access to county assessors records. Relocation incentives.
  • Shorten up the quick take process.
  • Statutory changes.
  • Upfront resources.
  • Pilot Project Approval vacation/settling in acquisition.
Meets and bounds descriptions vs. platting.
  • Study the process, is platting the best and quickest way to deliver the acquisition.
  • Staffing.
  • Actual surveying of the plat is a problem.
CAD unit within right-of-way.
  • Use automated description writing program to identify the taking and print of the description. Areas and description are developed.
  • Software.
Look at the R/W area as a system to allow for flexibility.
  • Allows for contracting process to perform a turnkey operation.

Electronic hand-offs of parcel data.
  • Develop investment and implementation of EDMS system along with Mn/DOT's REALMS system.

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