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ACTT Workshop: Montana
January 26-28, 2004, Missoula, Montana

Chapter 4: Conclusions

4.1 Next Steps

MDT will be evaluating the recommendations from each of the skill sets and determining which ideas or suggestions should be adopted for use. Loran Frazier, Missoula District Administrator and the project lead for MDT, commended the groups for producing a great set of recommendations. He noted that even with each group's different focus, they came to similar conclusions on such items as project management and coordination. Additional items of agreement, and certainly topics that his office will be examining in more depth, include:

  • Prefabrication of bridge components.
  • Adopting a communications map.
  • Contract reviews.
  • Master Utility Plan and corresponding utility agent.
  • Reexamine A+B bidding processes.
  • Strengthening haul roads before construction start.
  • Others.

MDT may or may not have the opportunity to utilize all of the ideas put forth by the skill sets in this corridor. Frazier remarked, however, that some of the ideas brought forward would be used to solve problems on other projects.

4.2 Workshop Evaluations

Workshop participants were provided the opportunity to respond, via email, to a brief post-workshop survey. This survey, or workshop evaluation, was sent to all 104 individuals who attended the workshop. Fifty-nine evaluations were returned for a response rate of 56.7 percent.

Participants were asked to rate the evaluation statements according to the following scale:

  1. Agree
  2. Somewhat Agree
  3. Neutral
  4. Somewhat Disagree
  5. Disagree

Overall, the statements received an "agree" to "somewhat agree" rating. Statement one (adequate notice/information prior to workshop) rated the lowest with an average score of 1.68 while statement nine (workshop staff courteous/helpful) rated highest with a score of 1.05. The statements, along with their average score, are summarized below:

  1. There was adequate notice and information dissemination prior to the Workshop.
    Average Score: 1.68
  2. The materials provided were relevant and of sufficient quantity.
    Average Score: 1.27
  3. The objectives of the Workshop were clear.
    Average Score: 1.41
  4. At the conclusion of the Workshop, the objectives were met.*
    Average Score: 1.59
    *Several individuals commented that the objectives will only be met if MDT implements recommendations.
  5. The facilitators effectively guided discussion and allowed for appropriate input.
    Average Score: 1.49
  6. Different viewpoints were encouraged and respected.
    Average Score: 1.22
  7. The Workshop was relevant and valuable to your job.
    Average Score: 1.32
  8. The facilities were adequate.
    Average Score: 1.29
  9. The Workshop staff was courteous and helpful.
    Average Score: 1.05

Participants were also given the opportunity to provide additional comments. Thirty-two of the 59 respondents did so. A sample of comments is included below:

"Was surprised that important partners such as enforcement or EMS or County Road Superintendents in the project area were not present, especially in view of FHWA's push for multi-disciplinary team approach. Was shocked that the motel could not guarantee a 'non-smoking' room reservation two weeks prior to the conference."

"It was a very valuable exercise and very relevant to the issues at hand with my current position. I took away many good ideas that will affect my approach to problems associated with highway construction."

"Only MDT and the final construction plans and project will tell if workshop helped."

"I thought it was a good workshop, an interesting project, a good balance between local and visitor experience and participation. My only comment is the brainstorming felt a little rushed - we could have used another day, but I realize that time is limited."

"The current design status of the project (0-90 percent complete design) did not lend itself to major changes or innovation at this point; however, all factors considered, MDT seemed to be open for suggestions for change."

"I think the input from those experts that were invited from out of state, different DOT's, the private sector, Federal agencies, and local contractors was invaluable and really added to the creativity and constructability of the ideas presented."

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