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ACTT Workshop: Oregon
Paving The Way

Chapter 4: Conclusions

4.1. Key Items for Evaluation

As a direct result of ACTT, ODOT has identified several issues that it needs to address prior to proceeding with the I-5/I-405 project:

  • Develop a strategy for full depth replacement of the concrete pavement.
  • Do a full survey of the I-405 corridor and surrounding surface streets and structures.
  • Conduct a comprehensive utilities survey and develop a utility map.
  • Prepare an environmental assessment for the corridor.
  • Do traffic condition modeling for existing, future and construction staged configurations.
  • Conduct comprehensive non-destruction testing and analysis of pavement and life-cycle modeling.
  • Develop a conceptual project design.
  • Do a master-plan-type analysis of the I-405, I-5 and I-84 interconnect.
  • Develop a master communications and public involvement plan.

4.2. Next Steps

ODOT and the I-405 project delivery team are in the process of addressing the above issues and will continue evaluating the recommendations from the skill set teams to determine their pertinence to the I-405 project. While ODOT may not have the opportunity to utilize all of the ideas put forth by the skill sets on this project, the agency already realizes that a number of the recommendations could be utilized on other ODOT projects.

As with other ACTT workshops, the input of national experts and local representatives has proven to be a valuable tool in project planning, innovation and success.

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Updated: 06/27/2017
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