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ACTT Workshop: Wyoming
September 21-22, 2004, DuBois, Wyoming

Appendix C (continued): Skill Set Reporting Forms

Public Relations

Public Relations Team
Monte Baker-Dubois
Don Brandes-Design Studio West, Denver
John Kilpatrick-National Park Service, Glacier National Park
Sharon Linhart-Linhart McClain Finlon, Denver
Judy Melander-Minnesota Department of Transportation
Facilitator-Lee Potter-FHWA, Cheyenne
Cody Beers-WYDOT, Riverton
Chris Clemens-Cameron Christopher Thomas Advertising, Denver
Dave Kingham-WYDOT, Cheyenne
Paula McCormick-McCormick Marketing, Lander
Lisa Murphy-WYDOT, Cheyenne
Recorder-Joyce Wagner-WYDOT, Cheyenne
Notes - Public Relations Skill Set
Idea (short name) Idea (detailed description) Implementation Details (barriers, skill set coordination, etc.)
PR representative on advisory committee
  • Public needs should be identified during development of construction requirements, construction sequencing.
  • Advisory committee needs to vote on addition of PR representative and add the position to the MOU.
Identify user groups
  • User groups need to be identified to identify marketing/communication plans in order to target
  • Responsibility of the consultant and need to do research.
Develop marketing plan
  • Responsibility of the hired consultants.
  • Sign the contract.
Develop communications plan
  • Responsibility of the hired consultants and the PI.
  • Sign the contract; hire the PI.
Hire public information officer
  • Have PI located in Dubois to do daily communications.
  • Determine if consultant hires PI.
Develop measures
  • We need measurable milestones to determine marketing campaign success.
  • Sign the marketing contract; determine available baseline data and create the plan to gather the future data and make it part of marketing plan.
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