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Construction Program Management and Inspection Guide

Appendix G (continued)


FEDERAL-AID PROJECT NO.: __________ STATE ID: __________
ROUTE: __________ COUNTY: __________ DISTRICT: __________


  1. Is the project non-exempt (full oversight) as per our current oversight agreement?
  2. Is the project included in the current Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP/TIP)? (23 CFR 450.216 and .220)
    1. Is the project within a Non-Attainment Area?
      1. Is it conformed properly? (Air Quality) (23 CFR 322(d))
    1. Does the project description agree with the authorization request?
    2. Are there any unresolved items/issues?
    1. Is the funding ratio correct?
    2. Are funds available? (Get stamped by fiscal clerk.)
  3. Is the project an Advanced Construction project? Assure eligibility.
  4. What are the environmental requirements?
    1. A Class I project (EIS)? (23 CFR 771.123)
      1. Have we made a Record of Decision?
      2. Is re-assessment or re-evaluation needed? (Three-year limit)
    2. A Class II project (Categorical Exclusion)? (23 CFR 771.117)
      1. CE I or CE II ?
      2. ECAD?
    3. A Class III project (Environmental Assessment)? (23 CFR 771.119)
      1. Have we made a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)?
    4. Have all commitments outlined in the environmental document been addressed in the PS&E (23 CFR 635.309(j)) and have we received a copy of environmental commitment listing and approved it for the project?
    5. Are noise walls included in the project? (23 CFR 772.5)
  5. Are 4(f) properties involved? (23 CFR 771.135)
    1. If so, has approval been given either in the EIS or as a separate document?
  6. Civil Rights
    1. Are DBE Requirements met?
      1. Notice of DBE Participation.
    2. Is there a DBE Contract Goal?
  7. Was a public hearing required? (23 CFR 635.309(d))
    1. Were hearing comments considered in the project development?
  8. Is a 404 permit required? (23 CFR 777)
    1. Are mitigation or enhancement requirements of permit incorporated into the PS&E?
    2. Is the permit date valid?
  9. Is a U. S. Coast Guard permit required? (40 CFR 1500-1508)
    1. Is the permit date valid?
  10. If the project contains structures, has the Division Office Structural Engineer reviewed the plans?
  11. If the project is a safety improvement project, has the project been coordinated with the Division Office Safety Coordinator?
  12. Has the Right-of-Way been cleared? (23 CFR 635.309(b)(c) and per our ROW agreement)
    1. If the ROW is not clear prior to authorization do the special provisions contain:
      1. Restrictions on the contractor?
      2. An estimate as to when the ROW will be clear?
      3. A statement that a time extension may be granted if the property is not available a indicated in the proposal? (23 CFR 635.309(b) and 23 CFR 635.107)
  13. Is the project located within two miles of an airport?
    1. If so, has FAA/FHWA coordination been completed? (23 CFR 620.103)
  14. Will utilities be affected by this project? (23 CFR 645.113)
    1. Is the utility clearance statement on authorization request?
  15. Does the project require use of or adjustment to railroad facilities? If so:
    1. Is there a signed agreement between the railroad/SHA? (For projects that include actual adjustments, this agreement must also be approved by FHWA.) (23 CFR 646.216(d))
    2. Does the proposal include liability insurance requirements? (23 CFR 646.107)
  16. If force account work is included, have we approved the cost effectiveness determination? (23 CFR 635.309(e))
  17. If appropriate, has SHA stated on the Authorization Request that they have an executed City/County Agreement or will be in possession of one prior to bid opening?
  18. Are any materials to be supplied by the State or local agency?
    1. If so, has FHWA approval been given? (23 CFR 635.407)
  19. Is this an Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) project?
    1. Complete National ITS Architecture and Standards Conformity Documentation Checklist.
  20. Is this a Mass Transit or Special Use Highway Project? 23 CFR 810)


  1. Has the design Checklist been completed?
  2. Do the plans include items required by 23 CFR 630.205.
    Suggested Items:
    1. Title sheet including: title, scale, location sketch, index, length, conventional symbols, design data (ADT, DHV, % trucks), project number and reference to applicable standard specifications and plans?
    2. Typical section?
    3. Summary of quantities?
  3. Are Traffic control plans consistent with the MUTCD? (23 CFR 630.1010(a)(2))
  4. Are signing and pavement markings consistent with the MUTCD?
  5. For split-fund projects, are funding limits shown on plans?
  6. Have pay items been checked against construction plans to identify questionable items?
    1. Have they been cross-checked against summary of quantities, and engineer's estimate?
  7. The Date of the Field Safety Walk (FSW)?
    1. Has the report been reviewed?
    2. Have all items in FSW report, if applicable, been incorporated into the plans?
  8. Does the design conform to SHA's current Design and Environment Manuals?
  9. If there are design exceptions, have they been approved? (Review Delegation of Authority)
  10. Has adequate right-of-way been acquired for construction?
  11. Do all safety appurtenances meet NCHRP 350 criteria and are they placed in accordance with the current "Roadside Design Guide?"
  12. Are ADA requirements met?


  1. Does the proposal include:
    1. Form FHWA-1273 Required Contract Provisions ? (23 CFR 633)
    2. The Buy America Act provisions? (23 CFR 635.410)
    3. The current Department of Labor Minimum Wage Rates?
    4. Standard contract clauses on:
      1. Differing Site Conditions
      2. Suspensions of Work
      3. Significant changes in the character of work
    5. Any proprietary items? Explain.
    6. An incentive/disincentive clause? (Must have both)
      1. Has the incentive/disincentive been specifically calculated for this project?
      2. Have the calculations been previously submitted for our review and approval?
    7. Any guarantee or warranty clauses? (23 CFR 635.413)
    8. Are there training requirements?
      1. If so, are the training special provisions included?
    9. Are the DBE provisions included?
      1. DBE Special Provisions.
      2. Non-discrimination Clause.
      3. Complete Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO) Check sheet.
    10. A general description of the work to be performed?
    11. Latest applicable standard special provisions?
      1. Are the special provisions satisfactory?
    12. For Interstate asphalt paving projects does the proposal contain the asphalt concrete pavement smoothness specification?
    13. Are ADA, environment mitigation, and safety requirements included?
  2. Is the contract time realistic?
  3. Are any experimental features included in the project?
    1. If so, do you concur in their incorporation into the project and have you coordinated with the Division's Technology Transfer Engineer?
    2. Does the feature have an approved work plan approved by the T2 Engineer?


  1. Does the estimate include a pay item for all work included in the plans?
  2. Does the estimate appropriately represent the scope and requirements of the PS&E? Has a labor, materials, equipment estimate been made or is the estimate based only on historic costs?
  3. Are there Federal-aid nonparticipating items included in the project?
    1. If so, are they listed separately in the estimate and plans?
  4. Is an estimate for railroad work included if needed?
  5. Has the engineer's estimate check sheet been completed/placed in the appropriate project file?

V. ITEMS Included with P S & E

  1. R/W Clearance (On authorization Request)
  2. Utility Clearance (On authorization Request)
  3. Experimental Features Work Plan
  4. EEO Trainees
  5. Inclusion on the STIP/TIP
  6. Environmental Re-evaluation if applicable. (Three years)
  7. Compliance with Environmental Mitigation Commitments
  8. Project Transportation Management Plan
Checklist Completed By:     Date:   
  Transportation Engineer    
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