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Archived: Intelligent Compaction

Intelligent Compaction (IC) refers to the compaction of road materials, such as soils, aggregate bases, or asphalt paving materials, using modern vibratory rollers equipped with an integrated measurement system, Global Positioning System (GPS) based mapping, onboard computer reporting system, and (optionally) a feedback control. By integrating measurement, documentation, and control systems, the use of IC rollers allow for real-time monitoring and just-in-time corrections in the compaction process. IC rollers also maintain a continuous record of color-coded plots that include number of roller passes, material stiffness measurement values, and precise location of the roller.

This technology has been selected under the Administrator's "Every Day Counts" initiative 2 (EDC-2) and was showcased at the 8 National Regional summits held in the fall of 2012. Since then our state partners have been requesting training and other support on this technology which will help them implement the technology locally.

IC Technical Support Service Center (TSSC)

The mission of the IC Technical Support Service Center customer service center is to supply knowledge base support for the implementation of Intelligent Compaction. The centers operational features can be accessed via telephone (with voicemail), email address, and a website where all users can obtain IC information and request assistance in implementing IC. The support is given to all that need it five days a week (Monday - Friday) from 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Standard Time. Voicemail messages will be answered within a 24-hour time period with the exception of messages left in the system on Fridays, which will be answered the next business day.

The TSSC will provide support in the following areas:

Local Technical Assistance

The TSSC will assist Local and State agencies, as well as contractors, and designers with technical practical knowledge of the use of IC in field applications. This assistance may come in the form of technical writings that provide a basis for the development and writing of technical specifications for the use of IC in construction. The Contractor has an unbiased knowledge of construction practices from around the country and is in a unique position to provide well balance approach for the implementation of Intelligent Compaction. Local Technical Assistance is not limited to just providing technical knowledge the IC TSSC is also a great source of information in the development of implementation strategies for the implementation of IC. Whether you need hands on technical support, or an unbiased third party to review and recommend strategies the IC TSSC is available to support your IC needs.

Delivery of IC Technical Workshops

IC Technical workshops serve as a key tool in the delivery of IC technology knowledge. As a key component of the FHWA IC implementation efforts during the Every Day Counts (EDC-2) initiative many states have acknowledge a lack of knowledge of IC. To fulfill the knowledge gap the delivery of IC Technical Workshops has become critical to the mission of implementing IC. This is why another key IC TSSC support tool is the delivery of these workshops. There are several options for the delivery of this knowledge. We invite you to take a closer look at the options that are available to you!

Updated: 01/16/2018
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