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Bridge Deck Steel Structures Inspector's Checklist

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  1. Obtain approved shop and erection drawings
  2. Become familiar with all drawings, requirements and specifications
  3. Obtain shop inspection reports
  4. Obtain Mill Test Reports for steel and welding electrodes
  5. Perform visual inspection of girders
    1. type and grade of steel (shown on mill test reports)
    2. check weld size and contour
    3. check steel shape and plate size
    4. check size and dimensions
    5. check for handling damage, cracks, scratches, etc.
    6. prepare field inspection report or note on diary
  6. Verify that beams, girders, and material are stored, braced, and supported properly
  7. Verify girders are handled properly upon placement
  8. Verify that erection markings are followed and erection conforms to the erection drawings
  9. Verify that erected beams and girders are adequately tied and braced until cross frames and diaphragms are in place.
  10. Assure that all contact surfaces of all connections and splice plates are free from dirt, rust, mill scale, oil, grease, etc.
  11. Assure that all connections are properly pinned and secured with erection bolts
  12. Verify that all bolted connections are properly torqued
  13. Absolutely no welding except as shown in plans, or authorized by Bridge Engineer
  14. No flame cutting should be allowed
  15. Assure reaming of holes is held to a minimum
  16. Check that proper bolts, nuts and washers are used
  17. Verify calibration of torque wrenches
  18. Visually inspect all bolt tightening operations
  19. Check at least 10% but not less than 2 bolts per connection.
  20. Do not allow contractor to torque bolts in connections between normal diaphragms or cross frames and girders of skewed bridges until after deck has been placed.
  21. Profile beam and girders and check against plan requirements and elevations
  22. Obtain paint certificates and submit sample to Materials Lab Bureau for testing and approval
  23. Verify that damaged shop paint is repaired with proper paint
  24. If the deck finishing machine is to be supported on the overhang forms, the contractor must submit a bracing plan for PM's approval.
Updated: 06/27/2017
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