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This section of the Project Finance website provides links to resource documents on project finance. It includes dedicated resource sections aligning with the Tools & Programs section of the Project Finance website, together with a list of General Resources.

Please note that the Innovative Finance Primer and older issues of the Innovative Finance Quarterly contain references to websites and contact individuals that may no longer be current. However, updated and comprehensive listings of project finance resources and contacts are available throughout the Center for Innovative Finance Support Project Finance website.


Federal-aid Fund Management Tools

Resources for increasing states' flexibility in providing the required match for Federal-aid programs and advances the timing of Federal-aid fund reimbursement
     Advance Construction and Partial Conversion of Advance Construction
     Federal-aid Matching Strategies


Federal Debt Financing Tools

Resources for allowing state and local entities to borrow against future expected revenue and Federal aid to better manage and accelerate project delivery.


Federal Credit Assistance Tools

Legislation for improving project sponsors' access to credit through loans and credit enhancements to better manage and accelerate project delivery.
     State Infrastructure Banks (SIBs)
     Section 129 Loans
     Federal Credit Concepts and Issues

State Transportation Finance Tools

Resources for allowing states and local entities to better understand transportation financing policy, methods and implementation.


General Resources

     Project Finance Primer 2010
     Financing Federal-aid Highways
     Innovative Finance Quarterly
     Research Reports

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