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Texas Toll Roads Statewide Open-Road Toll Collection System Project (TX Toll Collection System)

Comprehensive Development Agreement TxDot Statewide Open-Road Toll Collection System


23.1 Cooperation with Other Contractors

Developer acknowledges and agrees that TxDOT has awarded and plans to award contracts for construction and other wok at or near the Project Sites, Developer shall fully cooperate and shall adapt scheduling and performance of the Work and other obligations under this Agreement as reasonably necessary to accommodate such other work, and accept any direction that may be provided by TxDOT. Developer shall not comment or permit any actions that will interfere with the performance of work by another contractor.

23.2 Interference by Other Contractors

If Developer asserts that any of TxDOT's other contractors have caused damage to the Work, or have hindered or interfered with the progress or completion of the Work, then, subject only to the right to a Change Order for TxDOT-Caused Delays, Developer's sole remedy shall be to seek recourse against such other contractors.

23.3 Coordination with Utility Owners and Adjacent Property Owners

Developer shall coordinate with Utility Owners and owners of property adjoining the Project, and with their respective contractors, as more particularly described in the Contract Documents.

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