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SR 520 Pontoon Construction Project: FHWA Approval Letter - May 2011

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May 11, 2011


Ms. Paula J. Hammond
Secretary of Transportation
Department of Transportation
Olympia, Washington

Attention: Rick Singer

SR 520 Pontoon Construction Project
Project Management Plan (PMP) Review

Dear Ms. Hammond:

The Federal highway Administration (FHWA) Headquarters Project Delivery Team and the FHWA Washington State Division Office have reviewed your Initial Project Management Plan (PMP) for the SR 520 Pontoon Construction Project. We find that the PMP meets the January 2009 FHWA PMP Guidance and the requirements of the "Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users" (SAFETEA-LU) And therefore, this PMP is approved.

Please note that the PMP was unofficially approved on January 6, 2011 with the incorporation and resolution of final comments made by the FHWA Project Delivery Team. This letter confirms receipt of the official signed copy of the PMP and therefore, provides official approval.

The project team is commended for demonstrating to FHWA that the project has been carefully planned out and for the outstanding job in developing this PMP. Please keep in mind that the PMP is a living document that should be reviewed and updated by the project team as needed as the project progresses. We look forward to the continued successful partnership and delivery of this program.


Division Administrator

Signature of Daniel M. Mathis

By: Randy Everett
Major Projects Oversight Manager

Cc: Jerry Lenzi, WSDOT; Julie Meredith, WSDOT; Tamara Carnevale, WSDOT; Daniel Mathis, FHWA; LaToya Johnson, FHWA; Cindy Bobik, FHWA


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