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Project Profile: Cumberland Signage Project, Georgia

A busy intersection with a brick monument displaying 'Cumberland' in the foreground.

The $2.1-million project took over seven years to complete and included over 150 sign and waypoint refurbishments and/or installations.

Source: Credit to Cumberland Community Improvement District


Cumberland, Georgia

Project Sponsor / Borrower

Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID)

Program Areas

Public-Private Partnerships Alternative Project Delivery Value Capture

Value Capture Techniques

Special Assessment: Community Improvement Districts


Other: Signage and Waypoint


The Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID) undertook a seven-year sign and waypoint refurbishment for the Cumberland area. The project included the installation of six monuments and 70 way-finding signs to direct people to destinations throughout the district. The work also involved repainting nearly 94 medallions and adding over 90 new medallions in the area.

The Cumberland CID added 19 kiosks to identify where pedestrians were on a map in relation to walkways and trails. It installed 57 trail signs to identify pedestrian-friendly trails and walkways, plus four signs to identify parking around the community.

The Cumberland Community Improvement District (CID), Georgia's first CID, is a public-private assessment district in northwest Atlanta. It is the mechanism by which local commercial property owners advance needed infrastructure projects. Projects that enhance property values as well as the greater community. CID has been leveraging private investments to enhance roads, bridges, streetscapes, bicycle trails, pedestrian enhancements and recreational infrastructure which support and protect commercial value within the district. The CID is made up of 190 commercial owners who represent a third of the land, but amount to 60% of the $6.1 B value (this includes exempt property.


$2.1 million

Funding Sources

Cumberland CID

Project Delivery / Contract Method


Private Partner


Project Advisors / Consultants


Sky Designs will be doing the work and ING is the installer



Duration / Status

The project efforts, including installation of monuments, way-finding signs, pedestrian kiosks, trail signs, and parking signs began in early 2010 and ended in mid-2017.

Financial Status / Financial Performance


  • Partners with Federal agencies and Georgia and Cobb County governments to improve the Cumberland area
  • The new and/or updated signs and waypoints enhance the pedestrian and driver experience by more accurately identifying their current location and leading them to destination location(s).
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Adam Ross
Communications & Outreach Manager, Cumberland Community Improvement District
(770) 859–2326

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