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Project Profile: Juniper Complete Street Project

Juniper Complete Street Project - Atlanta, Georgia

Detailed rendering of a portion of the Juniper Complete Street Project.
Source: Credit to the Midtown Alliance website

CIFS Tool Categories: Value Capture (Transportation Utility Fees)

Project Name Juniper Complete Street Project
Location Atlanta, GA
Project Sponsor / Borrower Midtown Alliance
Program Areas Project Finance Value Capture
Value Capture Techniques Development Impact Fees / Mobility Fees & Community Improvement Districts
Mode Local Road / Multimodal (Pedestrian / Bicycle / Light Rail Transit)

The Juniper Complete Street Project is a complex construction plan that spans 12 blocks between 14th Street and Ponce de Leon. It involves public agencies and organizations, and includes significant design and construction challenges with unique funding streams.

The project will create a bikeway with improved pedestrian amenities to keep traffic moving at a steady pace. New construction will include wider sidewalks, lighting, trash and recycling receptacles, and a network of stormwater planters that will direct pedestrians between Midtown’s commercial and residential areas. The planters will manage rainwater and reduce demand on the city’s infrastructure.

Plans also include building a six- to seven-foot separated bike lane adjacent to the western sidewalk that will be protected by a wide, raised and/or planted barrier at each intersection. The bike lane buffer will include vertical landscape planters, striping, and bollards.


$8.7 million
$3.3 million - Atlanta Regional Commission through their Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Implementation Program to be administered by the Federal Transit Administration
$1.3 million - State SRTA/GTIB grant
$1.3 million - City of Atlanta committed developer impact fees
$2.8 million - Midtown Improvement District

*Cost may change upon project completion

Funding Sources
  • $3.3 million, Atlanta Regional Commission via the Livable Centers Initiative Implementation Program to be administered by the Federal Transit Administration.
  • $2.8 million, Midtown Improvement District
  • $1.3 million, State Road & Tollway Authority (SRTA)/Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank (GTIB)
  • $1.3 million, The City of Atlanta committed developer impact fees.
Project Delivery / Contract Method Design-Bid-Build
Private Partner Midtown Alliance
Project Advisors / Consultants TSW Design
Lenders State SRTA/GTIB grant
Duration / Status

Duration: The project began in 2011 when the Midtown Alliance hired the design team and the estimated project completion date is in 2022. Since its conception, the following has been completed:

  • Initial funding established
  • Traffic analysis conducted and reviewed by City and stakeholders
  • Concepts developed and reviewed by City and stakeholders
  • Streetscape refined based on new national bicycle design guidelines
  • Inter-agency review of 100% construction plans
  • Additional funding secured
  • Approval of environmental documentation by State & Federal agencies
  • Final revisions to 100% construction plans for City review and approval
  • Public notice: anticipated impacts to Existing Historical Archeological Resource

Status: Construction procurement is estimated to begin in late-2020, with an estimated 18 to 24 months to complete.

Financial Status/Financial Performance The Juniper Complete Street Project was awarded $3.3 million by the Atlanta Regional Commission through their Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Implementation Program to be administered by the Federal Transit Administration. Later, a $1.3 million state SRTA/GTIB grant was awarded, and the City of Atlanta committed $1.3 million developer impact fees. The Midtown Improvement District is providing $2.8 million additional funding, bringing total project design and construction funding to approximately $8.7 million.
  • Use Innovative Funding & Finance to advance project
    • Use multi Value Capture Strategies; Special Assessment & Impact Fees
    • Leverage GTIB Grant to advance project
  • Streetscape improvements to accommodate all types of users
  • The design contains two lanes of one-way travel and incorporates on-street parking and a planted median as a cushion to isolate the cycle track and pedestrians from vehicular traffic.
  • The planters, benches, bike tracks, and trash/recycle receptacles not only enhance the pedestrian experience but make it a safer environment.
  • Bike racks help prevent bicycles from falling in a walk or bike lane, and with more waste disposal opportunities, cyclists and pedestrians alike have a lesser chance of falling over scattered debris.
  • The water drains feed water into a combined sewer system that heavy rain can overwhelm without difficulty.
  • To address this, a bioswale system will help capture stormwater runoff and treat it naturally. This reduces stormwater entering the combined sewer and increases groundwater recharge.
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Contact Name Dan Hourigan
Title Director, Transportation & Sustainability, Midtown Alliance
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Juniper Complete Street Project - Atlanta, Georgia

Construction crews adding ADA-compliant curbs and sidewalks to an Atlanta street from the Midtown Alliance website

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