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Project Profile: North Hamilton Crossing, City of Hamilton, Ohio


Local context Map of the North Hamilton Crossing Area.

Source: Credit to The City of Hamilton

Project Name

North Hamilton Crossing


City of Hamilton and Fairfield Township, Ohio

Project Sponsor / Borrower

City of Hamilton

Program Areas

Project FinanceValue Capture

Value Capture Techniques

Special Assessment: Transportation Improvement Districts (TID) / Transportation Development Districts (TDD)


Local Highway and Bridge


North Hamilton Crossing is a full-corridor project to create an unobstructed east-west route through the northern part of Hamilton. The project is located in the City of Hamilton and Fairfield Township, Butler County, Ohio, and includes the extension of NW Washington Blvd. East. It crosses the Great Miami River, intersects with State Route 127, an overpass of the rail line, then extends to intersect with State Routes (SR) 4 and 129. The project was included in the 2007 Butler County Thoroughfare Plan and remains in subsequent updates with initial construction slated for the mid-2020s.

There are currently only three Great Miami River crossings in the City. Bridges at Main Street and Pershing Avenue are already congested and the third bridge, which is closest to the proposed project, is approaching 100 years of age. It is functionally deficient and will need to be replaced. This lack of convenient access to the northwest side of the City greatly hinders the economic vitality of the area.

The project includes:

  • Roundabout at the intersection of Northwest Washington Blvd., North B Street, and West Elkton Road.
  • New bridge from North B Street over the Great Miami River to US 127.
  • Connection from US 127 to SR 4 via railroad overpass.
  • Connection from SR 4 to SR 129.

Project construction will be phased, but the preliminary design work must include the entire project. Phase 1 will extend Northwest Washington Blvd. over the Great Miami River to intersect with State Route 127. This phase will define the existing deficiencies and system linkage needs. It will involve an assessment of current and projected traffic conditions and evaluate the effectiveness of a new route from NW Washington Boulevard to SR 129. Phase 2 will cross over the rail line and continue to intersect with State Route 4. This phase will include a feasibility study to develop the preferred alternative for the river and railroad crossings, connecting North B Street to SR 4. The study will be used to determine the most cost-effective route while maintaining environmental stewardship and completing needed environmental studies for this section. Phase 3 will then proceed to a connection with State Route 129. This final phase will include preparation of detailed construction drawings and specifications for the section between North B Street and US 127. It includes a new bridge over the Great Miami River and conversion of the nearby two-lane Black Street Bridge into a multi-use pedestrian and bicycle path.

In 2019, officials estimated the highway project could take more than 20 years to complete and potentially cost between $150 million and $200 million. The studies will cost nearly $4 million, with $1 million coming from local sources.

North Hamilton Crossing is expected to improve traffic infrastructure for both the City of Hamilton and Butler by diverting traffic away from the most congested east-west thoroughfares. In addition to improving air quality and quality of life for those who live in Hamilton, it will also increase safety and the response times of public safety. Finally, it will open up access to undeserved and impoverished areas, increasing the economic potential of these regions and generating future redevelopment projects.

  • $3.8 million - Preliminary site design and engineering studies
    • Phase I: Purpose and Need - estimated cost $350,000
    • Phase II: Preliminary Engineering - estimated cost $1,950,000
    • Phase III: Design - estimated cost $1,500,000
  • $150 million-$200 million - Construction
Funding Sources
  • City of Hamilton 2020 Funding - $375,000
  • City of Hamilton 2021 Funding - $375,000
  • Butler County Transportation Improvement District - $250,000
  • Ohio Department of Transportation’s Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) grant program - $2,800,000
  • Remainder is currently TBD (as of 09/01/2020)
Project Delivery / Contract Method


Private Partner TBD
Project Advisors / Consultants




Duration / Status

City officials voted to seek State funding to help finance preliminary site design and engineering in April 2020, with plans to begin spending the money on studies in 2021. North Hamilton Crossing Planning activities are expected to begin immediately upon execution of a grant agreement (late 2020), and should be completed by the third quarter of 2024.

Financial Status / Financial Performance

The City of Hamilton is applying for $2.8 million in State funds for preliminary site design and engineering studies. The City of Hamilton will seek money from the $15 million in Ohio Department of Transportation funds set aside as part of its 2020 Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) grant program. This grant will not finance any project construction.

  • Uses Value Capture Strategy-TID to advance the project via collaboration and trust between the City of Hamilton, the private sector, and local residents
  • Increases economic activity such as provide transportation alternatives for those visiting to come enjoy and shop at our downtown commercial districts.
  • Plans have not been finalized and potential solutions and innovations have yet to be released.
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Daniel Corey
Director, Butler County Transportation Improvement District
(513) 785-3452


The Black Street Bridge, built about a century ago, will need to be replaced within about 20 years. That is part of the reason for the proposed North Hamilton Crossing bridge-and-highway project

Source: Credit to Butler County Transportation Improvement District


North Hamilton Crossing," a proposed east-west corridor that would wrap around the northern edge of the city, is a key piece of Hamilton's new comprehensive plan that will guide development for the next 15 years. Many people urged such a northern arterial road to alleviate heavy congestion on Hamilton's High-Main corridor.

Source: Credit to Butler County Transportation Improvement District

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