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City of Tacoma - Broadway Local Improvement District, Tacoma, Washington

Before and after photos.

St Helens at the South 7th Street looking south

Source: City of Tacoma, Washington

Photo of utilities.

The Broadway LID included converting overhead utilities (Electrical, cable-TV, telephone, and fire alarm) to underground. The image shows the coordination and placement of the conduits for the respective utilities.

Source: Credit to City of Tacoma

Project Name

City of Tacoma - Broadway Local Improvement District


Tacoma, Washington

Project Sponsor / Borrower

City of Tacoma, Washington

Program Areas

Project Finance Value Capture

Value Capture Techniques

Special Assessment District: Local Improvement Districts


Local Road


A Local Improvement District (LID) is financial instruments that provide long-term payment plans with relatively low interest rates, so property owners can make upgrades. Such improvements can include permanent street and alley paving, streetlight installation, sanitary sewer extensions, and the undergrounding of overhead utility wires in view-sensitive areas. Each property owner is assessed according to the benefit to their respective property and the amount each property owner pays must be proportional.
The Broadway LID included the construction of permanent pavement, concrete curbs, and concrete gutters, plus the reconstruction, repair, and renewal of sidewalks, the installation of ornamental street lighting and landscaping, the planting of shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery, and the replacement and construction of surface water, wastewater, and water mains.
The improvements were made along the following roadways:

  • Broadway from South 2nd Street to South 9th Street
  • St. Helens Avenue from South 7th Street to South 9th Street
  • Market Street from St. Helens Avenue to South 9th Street
  • South 4th Street from Stadium Way to Broadway
  • South 7th Street from Broadway to St. Helens Avenue

The LID area encompasses approximately 14.75 acres of usable land and 1,637,222 square feet of building area. The 411 tax parcels identified within the LID boundary range from vacant properties to commercial and public offices, plus multi-family apartments and condominiums.

Cost $21,345,815.53
Funding Sources
  • Property Owners responsible for $9,685,647 (Self Imposed Special Assessment by the property owners)
  • City of Tacoma responsible for $11,660,166.64
Project Delivery / Contract Method


Private Partner
  • City of Tacoma Public Works
  • Tacoma Fire Department
  • City of Tacoma Environmental Services
  • Tacoma Water
  • Tacoma Power
  • Click
  • Puget Sound Energy
  • Comcast
  • Qwest
Project Advisors / Consultants
  • Dickson Company - Roadway, utilities and landscaping work started in 2009
  • R.L. Alia Company - Replacement and reconstruction of structural sidewalk started in 2010
  • Anthony Construction Company, Inc. - Replacement and reconstruction of structural sidewalk through the abatement process started in 2011.


Duration / Status

Local Improvement District 28-year Assessment

Project Status Completed in 2012:

  • Dickson Company - 2010
  • R.L. Alia Company - 2011
  • Anthony Construction Company, Inc. - 2012
Financial Status / Financial Performance


Innovations Provides a way for property owners to get together to pay for street and alley paving, sanitary sewers, street lighting or underground wiring
The City of Tacoma effectively implemented the Broadway LID.
Benefits of LIDs include:
  • Long-term financing at low interest rates
  • Cost Sharing (city participation). In other words, LID provides a way for property owners to get together to pay for improvements
  • Assessments are proportional (i.e., amount paid is proportional to the benefits received for each owned property
  • Benefits from the improvements will outweigh the cost
  • Value addition to property and improvements to the neighborhood
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Ralph Rodriguez
LID Administrator
(253) 591-5522

Michael Garrison
LID Representative
(253) 591-5338

Before and After photos of St Helens at the South 7th Street looking south, and Broadway at the northly end of the project looking south and north.

Source: City of Tacoma, Washington

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