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Non-Road Pricing Revenue: Resources

Transit-Oriented Development Resources

This section contains policy reports and public programs that utilize TOD (including joint development) for transportation development. Additional information, including project examples, can be found on the Transit-Oriented Development Sources and Tools webpage.

Center for Transit Oriented Development

The Center for Transit-Oriented Development is a joint venture with Reconnecting America, and is the only national non-profit effort dedicated to providing best practices, research and tools to support market-based transit-oriented development. The website offers a host of publications and resources, including reports, case studies, press releases, newsletters and books on transit-oriented development.

Policy, Planning & Major Projects Station Area Planning - Transit-Oriented Development Case Studies

A representative analysis of twelve transit-oriented development case studies throughout North America is provided by the Seattle Department of Transportation through this online resource. The case studies cover a variety of transit operators and station types from the following cities: Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Washington D.C., and Vancouver. Lessons learned from the various case studies, as well as implications for Seattle are also discussed.

Bay Area Rapid Transit District - Transit Oriented Development Program
This 2009 presentation reviews BART's Transit-Oriented Development Policy and key policy changes in 2005. Policy application is explored through a summary of completed TOD projects, approved TOD projects and those that are in negotiations.

Transit-Oriented Development in the United States: Experiences, Challenges, and Prospects

This 2004 report conducted through the Transit Cooperative Research Program provides a comprehensive assessment of the state of the practice and the benefits of transit-oriented development and joint development throughout the United States.

Reconnecting America's Review of State, Regional, and Local TOD Programs in the U.S.

This report and interactive database provides information on how public agencies fund their programs and contribute to TOD projects as well as major partners in development (i.e. private or non-profit developers). The report includes a national inventory of programs from 2010.

Analyzing Private Investment in the Chicago Transit Authority

This paper, presented at the Transport Chicago Conference in June 2011, analyzes the challenges in funding transit and opportunities available through joint development in Chicago. The paper focuses on a case study of the joint development by Chicago Transit Authority and Apple, Inc. to refurbish the North/Clybourn Red Line Station.

TOD along Valley Metro Transit in Phoenix and Mesa, Arizona

In 2008 and 2009, officials in the Phoenix-Mesa metropolitan area worked with experts at the EPA to develop a set of tools to implement TOD along the newly constructed Valley Metro light rail. The toolkit includes guidance on developing tools to promote TOD in the region, case studies of successful TOD promotion around the country, the impact of TOD and smart growth in the region, and future steps for the continued promotion of TOD.

PolicyLink TOD Equitable Development Toolkit

This is a primer on how to promote equitable TOD in local communities. It includes background on the key players in TOD, benefits to stakeholders, economic development benefits, and how to engage the local community in the TOD process.

Designing for TOD in Greater Lansing, Michigan

This guide, published in August 2011 by the Capital Area Transportation Authority, provides a basic framework for designing streets, sidewalks and buildings to fit into a TOD concept. While the report focuses on projects within the Greater Lansing area, it provides an important foundation when thinking about land use and design for any TOD program.

Bus Rapid Transit and TOD: Case Studies from North America and Australia

This paper analyzes TOD in proximity to bus-rapid transit (BRT), a flexible and low-cost transit mode being implemented in urban areas. The paper focuses on six cases studies from Australia, the U.S. and Canada, examining land use policies in each location, the development of the BRT corridor, and the integration of TOD. The authors surveyed developers and government agencies about the success of implementing TOD around a BRT corridor.

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