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Current Toll Road Activity in the U.S. - A Survey and Analysis

Expanded use of tolling has been promoted in the last three Federal Highway Program Authorization periods. While considerable literature specific toll projects and larger tolling and pricing issues, there has been a gap in comprehensive information on tolling activity at the state and local levels. This database provides inventory and characterization of recent and on-going toll development activity between the passage of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act in 1992 and December 2008. It identifies a total of 280 toll-based highway, bridge and tunnel improvements advanced in 33 states and one U.S. territory including those opened for services and others in various stages of planning, design, finance, and construction. Together these projects represent over 4,511 centerline miles of highway and would provide over 15,960 lane miles of capacity, as well as 45 bridge and tunnel facilities.

The information has been collected in a database environment which has been sorted by a number of different parameters to facilitate further analysis. These various sorts are available below, together with a white paper summarizing current toll road activity in the United States. The research provided below was completed in January 2009.

White Paper

Current Toll Road Activity in the U.S.: A Survey and Analysis [pdf 256 kb]

Toll Activity Databases

U.S. Toll-Based Highway Improvements: 1992-2008 (235 items) [pdf 311 KB]

U.S. Toll-Based Bridge and Tunnel Improvements: 1992-2008 (45 items) [pdf 115 KB]

U.S. Toll-Based Improvements On Hold or Canceled (31 items) [pdf 77 KB]

U.S. Preliminary Toll-Based Improvements (16 items) [pdf 45 kb]


2008 Highway Summary [pdf 39 kb]

2008 Highway, Bridge and Tunnel Summary by State [pdf 39 kb]

2006 and 2008 Highway Summary Comparison [pdf 64 kb]

Highway Improvement Database Sorts

State Sort [pdf 261 kb]

Status Sort [pdf 264 kb]

Facility Type Sort [pdf 286 kb]

Toll Type Sort [pdf 285 kb]

Private Involvement Sort [pdf 263 kb]

Improvement Type Sort [pdf 262 kb]

Interstate Status Sort [pdf 262 kb]

Interstate Status and Improvement Type Sort [pdf 309 kb]

Bridge and Tunnel Improvement Database Sort

Status Sort [pdf 114 kb]

Miscellaneous Tables

Private Development Activity by Type [pdf 88 kb]

Stand-Alone Toll Facilities [pdf 113 kb]

Open Toll Facilities [pdf 63 kb]

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