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Industry Resources

RAND Corporation, March 2011

This 2011 brief by the RAND Corporation provides a short analysis of VMT fee implementation options to replace fuel taxes as a stable revenue source for highways, assesses technical options as well as technical, institutional, and political challenges, and recommends a comprehensive system trial to resolve uncertainties.


Council of State Governments, March 2010

This 2010 Council of State Governments report reviews the state of the practice in VMT fee consideration and application through 2009, including: definitions, benefits, pilot projects, international applications to trucks, obstacles to implementation, public acceptance issues, and findings from other research.


Bipartisan Policy Center's National Transportation Policy Project, June 2010

On March 16-20, 2010 the Bipartisan Policy Center's National Transportation Policy Project held an international workshop titled, "Transitioning to a Performance-Based Federal Surface Transportation Policy." A workshop summary report was released June 23, 2010. The report covers purposes and core elements, challenges for transitioning, lessons learned, and critical elements for beginning a reliable and effective transition to performance-based surface transportation policies and programs. A podcast of the conference is also made available on the Bipartisan Policy Center website.


RAND Corporation, May 2009

Prepared for the Environmental Defense Fund in 2009, by the RAND Corporation, this report evaluates equity issues with respect to congestion pricing. Four notions of equity are discussed and described in this report. They include: horizontal equity, vertical equity, cost principles and benefit principles. In evaluating equity, measures based on welfare, transportation access, and environmental justice are used and challenges in evaluating equity are noted. Comparisons among systems using pricing policies and current transportation policies, types of congestion pricing systems, and ways to implement congestion pricing systems are made. Finally, the report suggests ways in which equity criteria can be addressed or incorporated in planning and how equitable outcomes can be promoted.


American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, 2009

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) published this 2009 primer on creating America's future transportation system. The document provides a good introduction and overview of the current status of the nation's transportation system, the need for reform, and AASHTO recommendations to Congress to advance the system. The renewed focus of the Federal Program covers the following six key objectives: preservation and renewal, interstate commerce, safety, congestion reduction and connectivity, and system operations. Also discussed throughout the primer are program areas including: highways, freight, environment, intercity passenger rail, safety, and transportation research.


International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association

The International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) collects and disseminates information about tolled transportation facilities around the world. The IBTTA website provides extensive information, including news updates, access to community discussions, links to publications, and a "data warehouse" containing information that IBTTA collects from toll operators. Some sections of the site are available to members only.



TOLLROADSnews is a publication specializing in tolling, and provides descriptions of new toll projects around the world, analysis of political, legal and economic issues of toll projects. Information on toll technologies and reports of ongoing operations of toll agencies and projects are also made available through this website.

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