Highway Statistics 1997

Section II: Motor Vehicles


The Original tables are the "as published" version which can be downloaded in Excel and viewed in PDF.

Vehicle registration:

  Original Original
State motor-vehicle registrations (Table MV-1) Excel PDF
Publicly owned vehicles (Table MV-7) Excel PDF
Truck and truck-tractor registrations (Table MV-9) Excel PDF
Bus registrations (Table MV-10) Excel PDF
Trailer and semitrailer registrations (Table MV-11) Excel PDF
Vehicle Registrations, Fuel Consumption, and VMT   PDF

Rates and revenues:

  Original Original
State motor-vehicle and motor-carrier tax receipts (Table MV-2) Excel PDF
Disposition of State motor-vehicle and motor-carrier tax receipts (Table MV-3) Excel PDF

If you have specific questions regarding the motor vehicle data provided, call (202) 366-0160.

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