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Publication Number:  FHWA-HRT-15-049    Date:  April 2015
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-15-049
Date: April 2015


The Long-Term Pavement Performance Program


Photo. LTPP team members standing with FHWA senior management after receiving FHWA Administrator's “Excellence in Teamwork� award.
Long-Term Pavement Performance Program Team receives FHWA's Administrator's Excellence in Teamwork Award (November 5, 2010). Front Row (left to right): Antonio Nieves (LTPP Product Development), Victor Mendez (then FHWA Administrator), Deborah Walker (LTPP Team Member), Jane Jiang (LTPP Team Member), Jorge Pagán-Ortiz (Director of Office of Infrastructure). Second Row: Michael Moravec (LTPP Product Development), Larry Wiser (LTPP Team Member), Aramis López (LTPP Team Leader), Jeff Paniati (FHWA Executive Director), Jack Springer (LTPP Team Member), Eric Weaver (former LTPP Team Member), Michael Trentacoste (Associate Administrator for Research, Development, and Technology). Photo. Glass award with USDOT/FHWA logo, stating 'Excellence in Teamwork Award, Long-Term Pavement Performance Team, November 2010.'
The picture above shows the LTPP Team members with FHWA management as the team is recognized for its exemplary team spirit in the pursuit of excellence in the LTPP program. Past members of the FHWA-LTPP Team (not shown in the picture) who have contributed to the program are William Bellinger, Charlie Churilla, John Klemenes, Kris Kupta, Cheryl Richter, Shahed Rowshan, Jean Sexton, Monte Symons, and Paul Teng.




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