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ACTT Workshop: New Jersey
November 16-18, 2004, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Appendix C (continued): Skill Set Reporting Forms

Roadway/Geometrics Skill Set

Idea (Short Name) Idea (Detailed Description) Implementation Details (Barriers, Skill Set Coordination, etc.)
Realign ramp A to exit off of Missing Moves (I-295 SB ramp).
  • This will extend weave from SR-42 and SR-168.
  • Combining ramp volumes may hurt SR-42/I-295 SB ramp and SR-55 weave.
Utilize aljo's curve for wetland mitigation.
  • Shift mainline over a little more into wetlands to help.
Tie ramp A into I-295 NB prior to mausoleum.
  • (This is without a new ramp A built over SR-42.) This will help the SR-168 weave. Possibly build a new cantilever ramp structure over I-295 to stay away from mausoleum. Or shift mainline alignment over a little more-impacts Belmawr Park and ball fields a little more-Mitigate.
One-lane entrance ramp A into I-295 NB-problem.
  • This ramp starts at two-lanes and necks down to one prior to the entrance to I-295 NB-problematic.
Maintain left exit from I-76 SB to I-295 NB.
  • This may help with constructability and traffic operations but could create problems with driver expectancy down stream. FHWA is against left entrances will consider left exit.
Provide only two through lanes for I-295.    
Browning Road over I-295.
  • This may help with ramp grades and relocated ramp C.
Take Browning Road under SR-42.    
Take ramp C under Browning Road.    
Do we need shoulders through tunnel?    
Should we pursue 12-ft shoulders max?
  • Current designs provide 17-ft shoulders for sight distance, which meets the posted speed. Consider design exceptions where constraints may warrant.
Investigate C-D roads.    
Eliminate Alternates G2, H, and K.    
Realign Essex Road to tie into Harding Avenue.
  • If main line gets realigned through ball fields then the Essex Road bridge can be eliminated and constructability can be improved.
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