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Systematic web-based tool that expedites collaborative decision making to deliver projects that meet environmental, community, and mobility needs faster.

PlanWorks: Better Planning, Better Projects (C01)


Transportation agencies are expected to do more than just mitigate environmental impacts; they must be stewards of both environmental and community concerns, delivering transportation capacity in ways that support a community’s vision. But integrating economic, environmental, and community needs can be time-consuming, and requires efficient and collaborative decision making in order to keep projects on schedule. Transportation planners require a systematic decision tool that integrates these needs into the analysis, planning, and design of transportation improvement projects.


PlanWorks is an integrated web-based tool for collaborative planning and environmental review of transportation projects. It describes planning, programming, and environmental review in terms of key decisions and specifies when and how to engage cross-disciplinary stakeholder groups. PlanWorks improves how practitioners, resource specialists, and stakeholders develop, prioritize, and inform highway capacity improvements. This system can help build consensus throughout these processes and ultimately speed project delivery.

PlanWorks helps people implement transportation plans and projects more efficiently and effectively. It supports decision making, long-range planning, corridor planning, and projects going through environmental review. It also sets funding priorities within plans and programs. The product is particularly helpful when there is controversy or a broad range of interests to consider. PlanWorks will be incorporated into FHWA’s environmental program, and will be available online for use by transportation planners.

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