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Planning and Environment Solutions

Solution Status:

  • “Available” – available for implementation
  • “Arriving Soon” – scheduled for implementation
  • “Research” – not yet scheduled for implementation
Title Focus Area Topic Status
Economic Analysis Tools (C03/C11) Capacity Available

Reliability Data and Analysis Tools (L02/L05/L07/L08/C11) Reliability Available

Expediting Project Delivery (C19) Capacity Available

Freight Demand Modeling and Data Improvement (C20) Capacity Available

Organizing for Reliability Tools (L06/L01/L31/L34) Reliability Available

Implementing Eco-Logical (C06) Capacity Available

PlanWorks: Better planning, Better projects (C01) Capacity Arriving Soon

Project Management Strategies for Complex Projects (R10) Renewal Available

Advanced Travel Analysis Tools for Integrated Travel Demand Modeling (C10/C04/C05/C16) Capacity Available

Identifying and Managing Utility Conflicts (R15B) Renewal Available

National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training Program (L12/L32A/L32B) Reliability Available

Framework for Improving Travel-Time Reliability (L17/L13A) Reliability Available

3D Utility Location Data Repository (R01A) Renewal Available

Railroad-DOT Mitigation Strategies (R16) Renewal Available

Communicating the Value of PlanWorks (C22) Capacity Research

Guidelines for Incorporating Reliability Performance Measures into Travel Models (L04) Reliability Research

Origin-to-Destination Reliability Information on Google Maps (L15A) Reliability Research

Proximity Information Resources for Special Events (L15B) Reliability Research

Innovation in Location of Deep Utilities (R01C) Renewal Research

Economic Evaluation Models to Assess Improvements in Travel-Time Reliability (L11) Reliability Research

[1] The research for WISE: Workzone Impact Estimation Software (R11) was conducted under the Renewal Focus Area, but is being implemented as a Reliability Focus Area product.
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