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Resources that streamline permitting processes and support rapid decision making to reduce delays.

Railroad-DOT Mitigation Strategies (R16)


North American railroads and public highway departments interact thousands of times a year as highway projects occur in proximity to railways. Each interaction requires a thorough review of the safety, engineering, and operating effects the project will have on the respective railroad during construction and for decades thereafter. Rapid highway construction goals require a new approach that eases the project agreement process for both industries.


SHRP2 has developed a collection of recommended practices, model agreements, and training materials to help resolve potential conflicts. Resources that streamline permitting processes and support cooperative interaction between public highway departments and railroads can speed project delivery and reduce the costs associated with conflict-related delays. These online resources will provide transportation agencies and railroads with tools to negotiate a memorandum of understanding for conducting their coordination activities, develop draft model agreements and streamlined permitting procedures, or adopt a “continuous improvement” framework that allows performance tracking and collaboration for improvement. These resources, as well as practices drawn from partnering, good project management strategies, and process improvement efforts, will expedite the review process.


Railroad volumes are expected to continue to grow, increasing the importance of effective project coordination between public highway departments and railroads. Railroad-DOT Mitigation Strategies cements understanding of each agency’s needs and streamlines the coordination process, saving both time and money. Road users will also benefit from on-budget, rapid highway renewal.

Additional information is available on a recorded webinar, produced as part of Round 2 of the Implementation Assistance Program.

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