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Highway Traffic Noise Resources


Resource Date HTML PDF
Sound Level Descriptors (FHWA-HEP-17-053) May 2017 HTML PDF

Noise Policy

Resource Date HTML PDF
Noise Policy Template July 2010 HTML  
Calculating and Placing Non-Residential Receptors (NRRs)There are six fact sheets: Non-Residential Receptors (NRRs) for Activity Categories A - E (FHWA-HEP-17-057), Methodology: Single Point (FHWA-HEP-17-058), Methodology: Frontage (FHWA-HEP-17-054), Methodology: Lot Size (FHWA-HEP-17-056), Methodology: Grid (FHWA-HEP-17-055), Methodology: Usage (FHWA-HEP-17-059). May 2017 HTML PDF
Noise Barrier Acceptance Criteria: Analysis (FHWA-HEP-16-017) August 2015 HTML PDF
  • Noise Barrier Acceptance Criteria: Evaluation Tools (FHWA-HEP-16-016)
  • Noise Abatement Feasibility and Reasonableness Analysis Tool (NAFRAT) 2.0
  • Noise Abatement Reasonableness Sensitivity Analysis Tool (NARSAT) 2.0
November 2015 HTML

Noise Measurement and Modeling

Resource Date HTML PDF
Recommended Best Practices for the Use of TNM (FHWA-HEP-16-018)
  • Basic Tool
  • Advanced Tool
December 2015 PDF
NCHRP 791: Supplemental Guidance on the Application of TNM 2.5   HTML PDF
Tire and Pavement Noise
TNM 2.5 Ground and Pavement Effects (FHWA-HEP-10-021) April 2010 HTML PDF - 2.1Mb
Pavement Effects Implementation Study (FHWA-HEP-12-034) January 2012 HTML PDF
FHWA Tire-Pavement Noise Strategic Planning Workshops
  • September 14-16, 2004
  • April 10-12, 2006
September 2004April 2006 HTML
FHWA/AASHTO International Technology Scan - Quiet Pavement Systems (FHWA-PL-05-011) April 2005 HTML PDF
Temperature Effects Study for Tire-Pavement Noise (FHWA-HEP-11-005) November 2010 HTML PDF
Truck Noise Source Mapping by Acoustic Beamforming (NCHRP Report 635, Project 08-56) December 2008 HTML  
Measuring Tire-Pavement Noise at the Source (NCHRP Report 630, Project 01-44) March 2008 HTML  
Texturing of Concrete Pavements (NCHRP Report 634, Project 10-67) December 2008 HTML  
Model Development
Development of REMELs for TNM 1.0 (FHWA-PD-96-008) November 1995   PDF
Interrupted-flow REMELs for TNM (FHWA-PD-97-019) January 1997   PDF
Vehicle Noise Source Heights and Sub-source Spectra (FL-ER-63-96) November 1996   PDF

Noise Effect on Wildlife

Resource Date HTML PDF
Synthesis of Noise Effects on Wildlife Populations (FHWA-HEP-06-016) September 2004 HTML PDF
Avoiding bird collisions with glass surfaces September 2009   PDF
Bird Deterrent Markings on Transparent Noise Barrier Panels July 2008   PDF
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Select Visual Signals to Prevent Bird-window Collisions June 2013 HTML  

Other Resources

Resource Date HTML PDF
Addressing Truck Emissions and Noise at Truck Freight Bottlenecks May 2022 HTML  
Techniques for Reviewing TNM Model Runs and Associated Noise Modeling Reports (FHWA-HEP-18-068) June 2018 HTML PDF (5 MB)
Techniques for Reviewing Noise Analyses and Associated Noise Reports (FHWA-HEP-18-067) June 2018 HTML PDF (3 MB)
Evaluation of 23 CFR 772 for Opportunities to Establish Programmatic Agreements (FHWA-HEP-17-060) May 2017 HTML PDF (390 KB)
Evaluation of 23 CFR 772 for Opportunities to Streamline the Noise Study Process (FHWA-HEP-17-061) May 2017 HTML PDF (869 KB)


Resource Date HTML PDF
Advanced Prediction and Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise This document is a recreation to enhance legibility lost due to multiple photocopies of the original. No changes were made to the content. For current information please see the Noise Measurement Handbook (FHWA-HEP-18-065) and associated Field Guide (FHWA-HEP-18-066). June 1982   PDF
Updated: 12/12/2022
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