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Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer Toolkit

Archived: How does the ACTT workshop process work?

The ACTT process begins when an interested agency or FHWA Division office contacts the FHWA Accelerated Construction Management Team to say it is considering a workshop for an upcoming project. Information is exchanged and a formal proposal is submitted for FHWA's consideration. The host agency receives from FHWA a set of tools needed to carry out an ACTT workshop, key skill sets and participants are identified, a planning meeting is held, and preparations for the workshop begin. The workshop is then conducted, recommendations are collected, and the host agency pulls together information for a workshop report that is published by FHWA.

The resources in this chapter provide an overview of a typical ACTT process, from initial inquiry to workshop completion, including who does what and a snapshot of the standard steps along the way. A look at the national leaders available in each skill set is also provided, along with a complete "how to" guide that's valuable reading for anyone considering an ACTT workshop. Greater detail on the process and the workshop itself are provided in subsequent chapters.

Overview of a typical Workshop

  1. The Accelerated Construction Management Team (ACMT) receives notice from an interested highway agency or FHWA Division office that it is considering an ACTT workshop. Contact information is exchanged between the ACMT representative, the FHWA Division office contact and the transportation agency contact person.

  2. The ACMT provides the interested highway agency with the following information:

    1. The latest ACTT briefing
    2. ACTT Project Proposal forms (ACTT Project Proposal and workshop questionnaire)
    3. Sample proposal package and typical ACTT workshop goals & objectives to serve as guides
    4. The highway agency formally submits, through FHWA's Division office, its proposal package.
  3. Upon receipt of a complete proposal, a pre-workshop meeting is typically scheduled with the highway agency and Division office to formally introduce the ACTT concept, review the proposal, discuss the workshop preparation process, establish roles and responsibilities and capture commitment dates.

  4. Skill set team leaders are informed of their team involvement and are provided project information prior to the pre-workshop meeting, if the proposal clearly and effectively identifies appropriate skill sets. Team leaders are notified no less than 90 days prior to a scheduled workshop. Team leaders forward their skill set nominations to the ACMT by the requested date.

  5. The pre-workshop meeting is usually scheduled within 2-4 weeks after the receipt of the proposal, at the highway agency's convenience. Sometimes a teleconference is only necessary and will take the place of a face to face pre-workshop meeting. It is suggested that the highway agency's top management attend and participate in the pre-workshop meeting to provide leadership and support of the ACTT concepts. Some meeting handouts include:

    1. Meeting agenda
    2. ACTT briefing
    3. Skill sets (including a short description of each)
    4. Skill sets papers
    5. ACTT roster
    6. Workshop agenda
  6. If not determined in the pre-workshop meeting, the host agency will be asked to provide the following information within two weeks:

    1. Workshop dates (no sooner than 90 days after the initial meeting or after host agency provides information listed below, whichever is later)
      1. Facility information and supply needs
      2. Confirmation of selected skill sets and the number of national experts
      3. Local workshop attendees
      4. Note keepers
      5. Need for facilitators
  7. The ACMT will develop, maintain and update a workshop skill set matrix (roster of national expert participants) that will be shared with the host agency and FHWA Division office. No less than 30 days before the scheduled workshop, a final skill set matrix will be provided to the host agency to coordinate the invitational travel of the non-FHWA national experts.

  8. FHWA workshop participants travel will be arranged and funded by the FHWA.

  9. Within 30 days of the scheduled workshop, preparations that should be finalized include:

    1. Workshop agenda, identifying key speakers, moderators, etc.
    2. Workshop skill set matrix, compiling national and local rosters and contact information
    3. Ensure invitational travelers receive all necessary information such as:
      • Facility, lodging and transportation information
      • Workshop agenda
      • Summary of project, workshop goals and objectives from ACTT Project proposal
  10. In advance of the workshop, the host agency coordinates and manages the following workshop arrangements:

    1. Workshop meeting rooms
    2. Audio/ visual equipment
    3. Catering of food and beverages
    4. Registration booth and package (workshop workbook, name tags)
    5. Other supplies (flip charts, markers and tape)
  11. To ensure a smooth process and avoid oversights, it may be necessary to conduct conference calls with the host agency and the Division office periodically during workshop preparations.

  12. The workshop should follow the agenda as outlined. Workshop coordinators and the ACMT need to ensure the facility is as accommodating as possible so that the participants keep focused.

  13. Workshop follow-up includes a draft workshop report to be prepared within 30 days and distributed to the host agency and FHWA Division office for comments. The final report is to be prepared within 90 days.

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