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Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer Toolkit

Archived: Sample Materials and Forms

ACTT follow-up survey form

Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer (ACTT) Project Survey

ACTT Project Description:   ________________________

Respondents:   ________________________

To help the Accelerated Construction Management Team measure and improve the quality of the ACTT workshop, and assess the effectiveness and impact this workshop had on the development and construction of the project, please provide information on the project status and respond to each question below.

Project Status:

Advertisement Date:________________________Award Date:________________________
Notice to Proceed Date:________________________Original Contract Completion Date:________________________
Actual Contract Completion Date:________________________Engineer's Estimate for Letting:________________________
Original Contract Amount:________________________Final Contract Amount: ________________________

Workshop Skill Sets:

Please indicate which of the following skill sets were represented at the ACTT workshop.

Innovative Contracting/ Innovative Financingcheck box Structurescheck box 
ROW/Utilities/Railroad Coordinationcheck box Public Relations/Involvementcheck box 
Environmentcheck box Constructioncheck box 
Geotechnical/Materials/Accelerated Testingcheck box Roadway/Geometric Designcheck box 
Traffic Engineering/Safety/ITScheck box Long Life Pavements/Maintenancecheck box 


ACTT workshop Goals and Objectives were identified by the stakeholders prior to the workshop. Based on these goals and objectives please answer the following questions.

  1. Overall, was the ACTT workshop effective in meeting the established goals?
    • Comments:



  2. For each skill set, please identify the recommendations that were adopted for the project.
    • Comments:



  3. If a recommendation was adopted, please identify the impact its implementation had on the project. (To what extent did it impact the project? Did it save time and money, or enhance quality? Did it create organizational change?)
    • Comments:



  4. If a recommendation was deemed feasible, but not adopted, please explain why. (What were the barriers to its implementation? Was it beyond scope? Were the costs associated with it too high? Did it create sensitive issues?)
    • Comments:



  5. How was the workshop successful in identifying innovative ways to reduce overall project duration and accelerate construction, reduce project costs and improve worker safety?
    • Comments:



  6. What workshop result(s) did you find to be most valuable/ least valuable?
    • Comments:



  7. Did the ACTT workshop develop new and continuing networks among internal and external (both public and private) counterparts?
    • Comments:



  8. Would you consider conducting another ACTT workshop in your state? If yes, would you change the process?
    • Comments:



  9. Other comments/ suggestions?
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