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Aggregate Image Measurement System 2 (AIMS2): Final Report


During Phase I of this grant, it was determined that a newer, more robust version of the AIMS1 that would meet the project goals could be developed. Furthermore, this new system, designated as the AIMS2, could be manufactured at a cost that would meet the price expectations of the target markets.

There were known shortcomings within the AIMS1 system. The new system implemented features to address those shortcomings, such as ambient light effects, translucent materials, and simplifying the operation. The result was improved performance in the new system while retaining the link to the research completed on the original system.

There is a great deal of interest in the device. Discussions with potential customers of the AIMS2 have indicated that the target markets are ready to move forward with the new and improved AIMS2.

The completed ILS provided the repeatability and reproducibility information required for applying the AIMS2 technology for material characterizations. This information will permit governing agencies to utilize standards, such as AASHTO material standards for material classifications. With this standardization in mind, two test methods were developed and submitted to AASHTO for consideration. These draft standards were published in AASHTO Provisional Standards, 2010 edition. A provisional standard is expected to be implemented within the AASHTO standards, which may be used up to 8 years prior to becoming what is known as a full standard. This provisional specification period permits users to apply a standardized procedure and yet allow adjustments and improvements within the protocol to be implemented with relative ease.

Research shows clear links between aggregate shape to pavement performance. This project has demonstrated that the AIMS2 technology provides an objective and reproducible shape characterization of aggregates. As the technology is applied on a wider scale, establishing clear relationships for the AIMS2 characterizations values to in-place pavement performance will be a research goal.

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