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Peer Exchanges

The Center for Innovative Finance Support organizes peer exchanges among P3 practitioners and others that wish to learn from their experience. Peer exchange participants may include state DOT staff responsible for overseeing P3 projects, technical and policy advisors, and academics. Peer exchanges are usually held at the request of an agency or region that is considering the use of P3 procurements. Peer exchanges offer an excellent opportunity for the exchange of information on the use of the latest P3 techniques and a discussion of related project outcomes.

The following documents summarize the discussions at recent P3 peer exchanges sponsored by the Center for Innovative Finance Support.

San Francisco Bay Area Peer Exchange

This report summarizes the noteworthy practices discussed at a P3 peer exchange held on March 22, 2016 in Oakland, California. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission - the metropolitan planning organization for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area - has been considering P3 delivery for certain express lane projects. MTC was interested in exploring the advantages and challenges of using P3s to deliver a network of managed lanes. Also in attendance were officials from several Bay Area county transportation authorities considering P3 delivery for planned highway projects in their jurisdictions, FHWA and Volpe Center staff. The peer exchange covered P3 planning and financial viability, tolling and revenue risk, institutional knowledge and procurement, and introducing a managed lanes program.

Denver, Colorado Peer Exchange

This report highlights key recommendations and noteworthy practices identified at a P3 peer exchange held November 5-6, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. The Colorado DOT Office of Major Project Development and the CDOT High Performance Transportation Enterprise asked FHWA to organize a peer exchange to better understand common challenges in the P3 delivery process and to incorporate lessons learned from experienced P3 practitioners from public agencies and the private sector. The exchange covered risk management, procurement, monitoring and oversight, financial viability, transparency and public outreach, and post-construction operations.

Advanced P3s Peer Exchange

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