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ACTT Workshop: New Jersey
November 16-18, 2004, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Appendix B: Glossary of Acronyms

AASHTOAmerican Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
ACTTAccelerated Construction Technology Transfer
ADRAlternative Dispute Resolution
CMAQCongestion Mitigation Air Quality (Fund)
CPMCritical Path Method
DEISDraft Environmental Impact Statement
DEPDepartment of Environmental Protection
DRBDispute Resolution Board
DRPADelaware River Port Authority
DVRPCDelaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
EISEnvironmental Impact Statement
EPSExpanded Polystyrene
ESPEmergency Service Patrol
FAFeasibility Assessment
FHWAFederal Highway Administration
GARVEEGrant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle (debt financing)
GECGeotechnical Engineering Circular (publication)
GOGeneral Obligation (bonds)
HARHighway Advisory Radio
HMAHot Mix Asphalt
HOTHigh Occupancy Toll (lane)
HOVHigh Occupancy Vehicle (lane)
HPCHigh-Performance Concrete
HPSHigh-Performance Steel
ITSIntelligent Traffic Systems
MOTMaintenance of Traffic
MPTMaintenance and Protection of Traffic
MSEMechanically Stabilized Earth
NJDEPNew Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
NJDOTNew Jersey Department of Transportation
NJTPKNew Jersey Turnpike
NJTTANew Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority
PATCOPort Authority Transit Company
PCCPortland Concrete Cement
QCQuality Control
RUCRoad User Cost
SJTASouth Jersey Transportation Authority
SPMTSelf-Propelled Modular Transporters
TEATransportation Equity Act
TESTechnical Environmental Study
TIGTechnology Implementation Group
TIRTraffic Impact Report
TMATraffic Management Association
TRBTransportation Research Board
TSTraffic Signal (contract)
VEValue Engineering
VECPValue Engineering Construction Proposal
VMSVariable Message Sign
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