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ACTT Workshop: Rhode Island
Pawtucket Bridge No. 550 - Building a Foundation for the Future

Appendix B: Skill Set Reporting Forms

ACTT Skill Sets

Innovative Financing.

The team's primary goals are to align potential financing options with project goals; match anticipated cash flow with project management; and provide options for managing competing priorities for existing resources.

ROW/Utilities/Railroad Coordination.

The ROW group's primary role is to ensure that ROW, utilities and railroad work comply with state laws and procedures. They must also consider the numbers and types of businesses and residences impacted by a project and evaluate the ready availability of additional right-of-way.

Geotechnical/Materials/Accelerated Testing.

The geotechnical team explores subsurface conditions to determine their impact on the project; pursues options for expediting materials acceptance and contractor payment; and evaluates the use of innovative materials in accordance with project performance goals and objectives.

Traffic Engineering/Safety/ITS.

The traffic engineering team strives to enhance safety; improve traffic management; and explore technologies, including its systems, that will communicate real-time construction information to the public.

Structures (Bridges, Retaining Walls, Culverts, Miscellaneous).

The structures skill set focuses on accelerating the construction of structures. Their task is to identify the most accommodating types of structures and materials that will meet design requirements and minimize adverse project impacts.

Innovative Contracting.

The innovative contracting group explores state-of-the art contracting practices and strives to match them with the specific needs of the project.

Roadway/Geometric Design.

The roadway team evaluates proposed geometrics and identifies the most accommodating product with the minimum number of adverse impacts.

Long Life Pavements/Maintenance.

The maintenance skill set identifies pavement performance goals and objectives and explores future maintenance issues for the project corridor, including winter service, traffic operations and preventative maintenance.

Construction (Techniques, Automation and Constructability).

The construction crew explores techniques that will encourage the contractor to deliver a quality product within a specific timeframe while maintaining traffic.


The environment team ensures that the scope of work and construction activities reflect local environmental concerns. Their goal is to provide the most accommodating and cost effective product while minimizing natural and socio-economic impacts.

Public Relations.

The public relations skill set discusses ways to partner with local entities and effectively inform both local communities and the traveling public about the project before, during and after construction. Their role is to put a positive spin on the project.

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