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ACTT Workshop: Tennessee
April 6-8, 2004, Knoxville, Tennessee

Appendix B (continued): Skill Set Reporting Forms


IDEA (Short Name) IDEA (Detailed Description) Implementation Details (Barriers, Skill Set Coordination, etc.)
Lengthen bridge spans
  • In order to reduce the number of bridge piers and potentially the critical path construction time, eliminate bridge piers where feasible.
  • This may involve use of drilled shaft foundations to permit high column loads; Structures group coordination required.
Consider alternatives to driven piling
  • Provide multiple foundation alternatives where practical and allow contractor to select option that is best suited to project goals. Also provides backup if originally designed foundation is not feasible at a particular pier location.
  • Need to prepare design alternatives, which likely would include driven piles, drilled shafts, and spread footings; Structures group coordination required; Additional design time and lack of experience with alternatives are possible barriers.
EPS at abutments
  • Structural group suggests use of EPS foam at abutments to expedite construction.
  • This option appears feasible, however, EPS foam must be protected from hydrocarbons to prevent collapse.
Two spans at Bridge 19
  • Reduce number of spans to two spans to reduce number of piers and potentially shorten schedule reduce and conflict with 54-inch pipe. Improve safety by eliminating pier construction in median of I-40 while under traffic.
  • Coordinate with structural group. Barrier - longer spans may not be typical design for overpass type structure.
Use top-down construction at Bridge 19
  • North end of bridge is in cut section. By using top-down method, it may be possible to shorten the schedule since excavation can occur after bridge is built. May enhance construction drainage, and eliminate much of the temporary shoring for the adjacent bridge.
  • Coordinate with structural. Barrier - not a common technique. Contractor may not be familiar.
Footings, pin piles at Bridge 21
  • Rock is shallow at Bridge 21 such that footings can be constructed before the existing bridge is razed. This should save time. Where footings are not feasible, consider pin piles, which can be installed under low headroom.
  • Coordinate with structural. Pin piles may not be common foundation for agency.
Single span at Bridges 4 and 5
  • Eliminate center pier to reduce construction time. Improve safety by eliminating center pier.
  • Longer span than typically used. Coordinate with structural.
Improve subgrade throughout corridor
  • Poor soils exist in portions of the corridor that will need to be improved by removal and replacement or insitu treatment to provide a suitable pavement subgrade. Other areas also likely will require improvement. Instead of doing this piecemeal, improve the entire corridor. This will improve mobility during construction, and increase pavement life.
  • Coordinate with materials (pavement design). Barriers - typically subgrade improvement is done locally depending on conditions exposed in the field.
Detailed design of drainage at Bridge 19
  • The piping in this area is deep (50 ft) and if not properly done may significantly affect construction. Instead of leaving this totally to the contractor's means and methods, provide a detailed design and construction sequence.
  • Construction coordination. Barrier, may not be typical practice
Train inspectors on MSE walls and drilled shafts
  • Since designs may include these elements, inspection staff should be knowledgeable prior to construction
  • Construction coordination. Barriers, funding and time for training.
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