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Asset Management

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Evaluation of Highway Performance Measures for a Multi-Study Corridor - A Pilot Study

1.0 Data Aquisition and Analysis Plan

1.1 Overview

The goal of the project was to integrate pavement and bridge performance data from a multi-state corridor to facilitate analysis of performance measures, and to evaluate how performance data can be used for corridor management.

The project consisted of the following four tasks:

  • Task 1 - Data Acquisition and Analysis Plan;
  • Task 2 - Data Collection and Integration;
  • Task 3 - Analysis and Evaluation of Alternative Condition Indicators; and
  • Task 4 - Develop Condition Indicator Display Capability.

The results of each task are detailed in this report.

1.2 Report Organization

The remainder of this report is organized as follows:

  • Section 2 summarizes the results of the data acquisition and analysis task. It presents the plan for acquiring pavement and bridge data and the scope of the data collection effort.
  • Section 3 summarizes the results of the data collection and integration task.
  • Section 4 summarizes the results of the analysis and evaluation of alternative condition indicators task. It recommends how cross-state asset data should be analyzed to support decision-making and discusses the degree to which cross-state comparisons can be made based on the sample data collected through Task 2.
  • Section 5 documents the design report for adding condition indicators to the Integrated Corridor Analysis Tool (ICAT) developed by the I-95 Corridor Coalition and lists any other ICAT changes to support this enhancement.
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