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ACTT III - The Third Year Report of the Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer Program

Letter of Introduction

"A little discomfort, anxiety or anger is not such
a bad thing. This whole exercise is about testing
limits and challenging assumptions."

Tim Neuman, Vice President & Chief Highway Engineer, CH2MHill
September 15, 2005, at the closing of WisDOT's ACTT workshop

Dear Colleagues and Fellow Stakeholders:

When the Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer, or ACTT, process was begun with two pilot workshops in 2002, it was indeed met with a little discomfort - and perhaps even a little anxiety or frustration.

Now, however, we are hearing time and again how this process does aid in collaboration, innovation and acceleration to bring what one transportation official called "a breath of fresh air" to the planning and construction process nationwide.

The numbers bear this statement out. By the end of Fiscal Year 2005, a full 56% of the States had either engaged in a workshop or scheduled one within the next twelve months. Plus, an additional 10 host agencies have indicated that they are considering workshops during Fiscal Year 2006. As more and more States utilize the ACTT process, implementation-oriented reports such as the 2004 ACTT Interim Report, ACTT II, ACTT Now and the current report, ACTT III - Transition to Tomorrow, serve to capture recurring ideas and themes, build momentum and showcase host agencies' ownership in this collaborative process. The October 3, 2005, FHWA ACTT Implementation Memorandum aptly describes our goal which is to set the stage for the adoption of ACTT as standard practice. We've done so by creating the "backdrop" and introducing the characters and the "conflict." Now, as States embrace this process, we're experiencing the dynamics of real people addressing real challenges in an atmosphere of collaboration and trust that has brought to center stage solutions heretofore believed impossible.

This truly is a revolution from within, and we are both delighted and humbled to celebrate your success.

Signature: Gary L. Hoffman
Gary L. Hoffman, P.E.
Chair, AASHTO Technology Implementation Group
Deputy Secretary for Highway Administration
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Signature: King W. Gee
King W. Gee
Associate Administrator for Infrastructure
Federal Highway Administration
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