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Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer Toolkit

Archived: How do I get started?

The pre-workshop meeting

The pre-workshop meeting is usually scheduled within 2-4 weeks after the receipt of the proposal, at the highway agency's convenience. In order to provide leadership and support of ACTT concepts, it is suggested that the highway agency's top management attend and participate in the pre-planning meeting.

The pre-planning meeting begins with an ACTT PowerPoint presentation, presented by the FHWA ACTT representative, which provides an overview of the ACTT process. Next, the highway agency is requested to provide a description of the project, followed by an overview of the project goals and objectives.

Once everyone understands the ACTT process and the specific project to be addressed, the host agency and FHWA division officials will help identify local contacts (State, FHWA, consultants, industry), select appropriate skill sets, and will discuss national participation and invitational travel, funding, facilitation, documentation, workshop dates/agenda, and roles/responsibilities. A package including all documents an agency needs to plan and launch an ACTT workshop will be provided at the pre-workshop meeting. Following the pre-workshop meeting, the ACTT Program Manager announces the workshop with at least 90 days lead time to the ACTT Skill Set Team Leaders, who coordinate with members of the Skill Sets Council.

The Accelerated Construction Management Team assists the host agency in planning, facilitating and conducting the workshop.

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